‘My mum let me tattoo her to practise inkings – but it traumatised me’

A young tattoo artist has told of the moment that she did one of her first tattoos as a teen – on her own mum.

Sarah Lo, from Houstin in US, started learning tattoo techniques at the age of 16 and revealed that her mum was not the biggest fan of her being a tattoo artist.

But her mum worked hard to help her buy a tattoo machine so she could kick start her career.

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"I really appreciate her for this because I know it's not easy for her except what I chose and this was really my dream," she detailed in podcast Inked.

Asked if she ever gave her mum any inkings, Sarah nodded and said: "I did give my mum a tattoo but just one.

"When I was learning how to tattoo, she was my canvas."

It was a beautiful rose tattoo in red and green leaves around it.

Sarah said it was the third tattoo she ever did after getting her hands on an apprentice.

"It was her first and only tattoo she has…and it was coloured," she continued.

"My mum, she was so amazing that…she hate tattoos and she gave her skin to me just for me to learn what I was doing and she cried so much.

"She tramautised me. I never want her hurt anymore. I'm sorry mama."

Sarah, who now has more than 78,000 followers on Instagram, admitted she couldn't care much to her clients when they started crying while getting a tattoo.

She added: "Sorry guys, but I have to keep going! But when it's my mum, when I'm hurting my mum, that's s***.

"Break my heart. I almost cried with her."

Now she's become so successful in Miami with a growing client base.

One commented: "She did a sick dark lettering chest tattoo for me it came out great!!!

Another said: "You're amazing and talking about your mum is sweet!"


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