My girlfriend won't forgive my mum for a stupid comment she made 10 months ago

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN my mum said my two-year-old son had chubby cheeks “just like her mum”, my girlfriend was really offended – and ten months later, she still won’t speak to her.

My mum is 57 and my girlfriend is 28.

Mum knows her comment was clumsy so she’s always telling her how nice she looks or what a great mum she is, but my girlfriend says nothing.

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I’m dreading family get-togethers now the rules have been relaxed.

My girlfriend can be so rude. It’s now spoiling our relationship as well.

DEIDRE SAYS: A proper apology from your mother, acknowledging her wording could have been better, may be the first step.

But your girlfriend also needs to get some perspective. This was one isolated comment and your mum wasn’t trying to insult her.

Many see a chubby baby as a beautiful thing. She probably meant it as a compliment.

Explain to your girlfriend how important it is for you that they all get along.

Ask your girlfriend to draw a line under this spat, which sounds like it has rumbled on for far too long, so you can build a solid relationship and family around your son.

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