‘My friend’s wife sends me naked pics – but I don’t think they’re for me’

A man revealed his pal's wife sends him naked photos.

However, the guy admitted that he's not sure the pictures are actually meant for him.

The man took to popular Twitter account @Fesshole to share his confession anonymously.

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He said that he's never spoken to the woman about the photos – and doesn't want to as he fears they're not for him.

His confession read: "The wife of one of my best friends has been sending me naked pictures of her for nearly two years. Have about 20 now.

"I have never acknowledged them, replied or spoke to her about it as I don't know if she thinks she's sending them to someone else, and I don't want her to stop."

The post has since gone viral – racking up 1million views – and many people took to the comments section to have their say on the matter.

One wrote: "She knows. Wouldn't keep sending them if she didn't."

While another added: "Your move. Buy her a kitchen sofa and watch her reaction.

"Pics or it never happened," joked another person.

While a fourth quipped: "I once sent a naked photo to everybody in my address book. Not only was it embarrassing, but it cost me a fortune in stamps."

The confession isn't the only one from the account to hit headlines this week.

A woman also revealed the 'shameless' revenge she got on her ex-husband after he told her she's "too ugly to find someone else".


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