Mum sent racy postcard to kid’s school but didn’t realise until teacher told her

A mum sent an X-rated postcard to her kid's school – but she didn't realise until she was informed by the teacher.

Rebecca was lining herself up for "parent of the year" following an educational trip she took her daughter on a little while back.

Little did she know she'd actually made a pretty big blunder.

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"A couple of weeks ago, we took Elsa to the museums in Cambridge," the UK mum told the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook page.

"She is doing about Romans at school so we visited The Museum of Archaeology as they had Roman pottery."

The thrilled mum told Facebook she also wanted to get her daughter a momento to show her friends at school.

She continued: "We purchased a postcard at the end of the visit for her to take in to school.

"Said postcard featured a piece of Roman pottery on it.

"I felt like we had done a cracking job."

The mum was very pleased with herself until parents' evening arrived, and the teacher had to inform her about something rather saucy.

Rebecca said Elsa's teachers brought up the postcard and said it make them giggle.

They also asked if she realised what was on the pottery.

She continued: "Obviously we didn't because the pottery on the postcard was covered in penises."

Rebecca said the whole situation left her totally embarrassed, but she knew she had to see the funny side of it.

This is why she shared the X-rated tale with people on social media in hope it would make other people laugh, and raise a few smiles.

She told them: "I sent my eight-year-old to school with this postcard.

"It was mortifying and I don't think I will ever get over this.

"Anyone else had a major parenting fail?!"

Since she shared the cheeky story people have been left in hysterics.

People thought it was so funny, and said the teachers must have had a right laugh in the staff room.

One person replied: "Omg – a c**k pot!"

Another added: "I'm crying! I thought they were bones."

A third also chirped in: "Brilliantly done!

"I bet you were the talk of the staff room – made my day."


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