Mum reveals simple budget wallet to help you save cash

We all want to save for something but it can be tempting to dip into what we’ve set aside as it gets closer to pay day.

But one mum has spotted a product online that could be a huge help in making sure you stick to a budget.

Leeann shared on a Facebook group how she found this wallet system with areas labelled for different things.

The idea is you work out how much you need to spend on each thing, take the money out in cash and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Leeann found the product on Etsy but others said you could easily make it yourself.

You just need a folder with different wallets and you can add your own labels.

The mum wrote: ‘I saw this on Etsy and I love the idea of it, has anyone here used this system of having different envelopes and putting cash away?

‘Would love to hear your opinions on if you think it would be beneficial. I have separate accounts but I hate seeing available funds in there because to be honest it’s just so tempting and easy to ‘pay it back later’.’

You can have wallets for regular things like groceries, self-care and entertainment and then easily add in extra ones for less regular things like Christmas or holidays, putting in a little each month in the build up.

Other people said the idea is clever and a good way to work if you’re happy to deal with cash.

‘I do this. Hubby gets paid monthly so every month pull out of the bank our spending money (food, fuel, spendings, birthdays,) and budget them out for the month. It helps me so much to budget our money,’ one woman said.

‘I have different colours for different things but that folder is cool,’ another said.

A third admitted: ‘I never carry cash these days but I like the idea.’

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