Mum mortified after hearing five-year-old son mimicking orgasm sounds

A mum has been left mortified after her five-year-old son started mimicking the sound a porn star made during an orgasm.

Carly Mctavish claimed the unfortunate incident happened during the school holiday when the five-year-old was playing handball with his eight-year-old brother and their friends.

She was sitting within earshot and heard them arguing about the rules of their game – innocent enough.

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But the joy stopped when the laughing was replaced by the high-pitched, over-dramatised sound of an orgasm coming from the small boy.

They were quickly followed by shrieks of laughter and shh’s, before the fake orgasm was screamed again – this time louder and clearer.

The mum said that the sound left her frozen in shock.

Writing for Mamamia, Carly said: “Although I wanted to crawl into a hole and pretend this wasn’t happening, I took a deep breath, faked a breezy smile and casually walked outside.”

She asked her the boys what they were laughing about – not wanting to jump to conclusions. A move which only created more giggles.

She explained one of the boy's friends said the noise “means… like… S.E.X,".

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Panicked the mum considered her next move, not ready to speak to her five and eight-year-old about sex, never mind porn.

Her son admitted he had copied the sound after hearing the ‘big boys’ from school make it

Carly wrote about how children can come into contact with explicit content in a myriad of ways – no matter how careful you are with the internet and devices because it’s not always intentional.

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Leading sexual consent educator, Dr Joy Townsend, suggests that conversations about sex should begin a lot earlier than parents have traditionally initiated in the past.

She said: “Children are so wonderfully curious, and the younger a child is the less stigma and shame they will hopefully have attached to sexuality when it really counts. There is a saying within the sex education community, inspired by a free resource for Australian parents developed by WA Health, which is 'talk soon, talk often'.

"The earlier we engage with our children about conversations that may be potentially uncomfortable – like masturbation or pornography – the easier and more productive those conversations will be."


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