Mrs Hinch, the most famous cleanfluencer, says she'd consider getting a cleaner

She said on the radio chat: ‘People have said, “oh one day you’ll have a cleaner”, but no I don’t have one.

‘Well, never say never. But I’d be really upset if someone cleaned my toilet.

‘I’m so laid back. So for me, it’s a case of going with the flow. I’m a first-time mum and my Hinchers say “I’m a mum with three kids and I still have time to clean”. I just want to have fun with it.’

Though she has no plans to hire someone else to tidy up around the house, she doesn’t see herself stopping it any time soon.

Recently she spoke out about how cleaning helps her deal with anxiety.

Speaking on This Morning, she said: ‘There’s no worse feeling than when you feel that heat in your chest and you start panicking for no reason. And for some reason you can’t get rid of it.

‘For me, I’ll get up and maybe I’ll grab my mop and I’ll get going. So even when you’re feeling your weakest, you’re still achieving something.’

So she’s unlikely to be on Gumtree looking for hired help any time soon then.

Hinchers relax, there’ll be plenty of hacks coming soon for you on her Insta stories.

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