Mrs Hinch fans share 39p hack to remove black mould from walls

Cleaning fans have shared their best tip for getting rid of mould – and it costs just 39p.

Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch has amassed a huge fanbase thanks to her genius domestic tips and tricks, and now boasts over 4.1million followers.

The star has influenced thousands with her home interior inspiration and DIY hacks, and now fans even swap their own top tips online.

Hundreds of cleaning enthusiasts take to social media groups regularly to ask for advice on household matters, and the responses are frequently littered with savvy ideas and new cleaning methods.

From cleaning radiators to drying clothes in the winter, these social media users have a trick for every little thing.

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Most recently, a user named Sophie took to a Facebook group dedicated to cleaning hacks, and asked: "Can anyone help with what will get rid of this please? And get it stay off for longer than two days please.

“We've tried the mould spray you can get but it just keeps coming back.

“Tried what Environmental Health said and leave the window open and heating on for an hour but we can't keep doing that as we can't afford to leave the heating on for basically nothing.”

Sophie had clearly turned to the right place, as she was instantly inundated with helpful responses.

One person wrote: “I used raw bleach on mine a few months ago and it hasn’t come back", as another quickly agreed, adding: “Clean with pure bleach, wait until it’s dry and maybe use a damp seal paint, that’s what I’ve had to do to ours.”

A third user supported the claims, commenting: “When I had loads of mould I was told to use bleach to wipe it off, then put gloss over it.

It was a while before it came back to be honest. Hope you sort it out soon.”

Hundreds of cleanings fans were quick to praise the method, telling their own stories of how effective it is.

One person recalled: “I moved into a house covered in mould like this. We threw on some protective gear and went to work with a bleach water mix, then painted with Kilz just like your recommendation. Haven't had an issue in years.”

While another helpfully added: “You need a mix of warm water and neat bleach to clean the mould then dry thoroughly. Spray with mould spray once dried properly.

“Mould grows where there is condensation, if you don't heat the house there will be cold spots and condensation and the mould will continue to come back.

“Windows are a cold area, make sure you use a towel and mop up all the moisture from the area daily. Open windows when showering and yes a dehumidifier will help but ultimately houses need warmth.”

Bleach is available for as little as 39p in certain supermarkets, making the mould removal method very budget-friendly.

More suggestions came flooding in, with recommendations including vinegar, using a cactus, and hairspray.

One user suggested: “Spray it with some white vinegar, once clean make sure it dries out completely then paint it with anti mould paint."

"I had that and put a cactus in the window. It has absorbed the moisture and no more damp”, said a second cleaning fan.

A third simply wrote: “Scrub it then coat with hairspray.”

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