Mother reveals how to transform gardens in less than an hour

DIY savvy mother reveals how to transform your garden in an HOUR for £100 by adding decorative stones, pulling out weeds and marking out beds (even if they’re not planted)

  • Jasmine Gurney, 28, who lives in Bedfordshire, teaches DIY skills for beginners
  • Posting on Instagram, she revealed how to give gardens a new lease of life
  • Recommended adding stones and decorative stones to the border of lawns 

A DIY-savvy mother who has built a following by sharing advice for beginners has revealed how gardens can be given a new lease of life in less than an hour.

Jasmine Gurney, 28, who lives in Bedfordshire, has racked up almost 3,000 likes on an Instagram post revealing how she was able to improve the appearance of her friend’s garden ahead of listing the property for sale.

She shared a short video revealing how adding decorative stones and small trees to the border of lawns can overhaul the appearance of the outdoor space for less than £100.

Many people have praised Jasmine for the idea, while admitting they are eager to try it for themselves.

Jasmine Gurney, 28, who lives in Bedfordshire, has gone viral on Instagram after revealing how she was able to transform a garden in just one hour (pictured, after the transformation)

Jasmine used decorative stones (pictured right) to improve the appearance of the edges in her friend’s garden (pictured left before) ahead of listing the property for sale 

Jasmine, who has almost 50,000 followers, explained that the process involves marking your borders, lifting dirt to lay weed control fabric and adding a thin piece of timbre to keep the area neat. 

She demonstrated digging holes to plant small trees and shrubs, before adding decorative stones to complete the look.

Captioning the post, Jasmine wrote: ‘1 hour, £100, one big improvement.

‘The edges of my friend’s garden lawn never grew due to the level of sand and cement around the fence areas so ahead of listing her house on the market, we decided to do a quick spruce with nothing more than a few Cyprus goldcrest pyramids and some decorative stone.

‘For a neater, dog/child proof way to keep the stones in place, I’d definitely put down a nice thin 1×1 wooden border strip, protected and painted to suit your garden colour scheme or grab some of that plastic border roll to keep the lines neat and stones in place.

‘To avoid future weed growth, get some weed control fabric and lay in the border, overlapping if you do it in pieces and cut Xs where your shrubs will go, then plant them through it.

‘We went for some Cupressus Goldcrest Pyramids which were £6.75 each but you can of course use any plant you want, just be mindful of how big they’ll grow in a few years as they may need moving or pruning. 

Jasmine began the short gardening tutorial by marking out the borders (pictured), then lifted dirt to lay weed control fabric 

Jasmine revealed that she was able to get all the equipment needed for the garden transformation for less than £100 from Homebase 

Captioning the post, Jasmine recommended using a plastic border roll to keep the lines neat and stones in place 

‘We got our decorative white stone from the 50% off pile as they had all ripped open but were pretty much still full bags! It cost less than £75 in total, but about £100 at full price – a bargain transformation to make the garden look a little more “put together”. All from @homebase_uk btw.

‘To stunt the growth of the plants you put in, you can bury them in a pot to limit the space for their roots. I’ve had some in my garden planted in a 10cm wide bed right against my house and 2 years later, they’re only 50cm tall and likely won’t grow any more as they haven’t got the space

‘Otherwise you can prune them or as mentioned above, just move them as they grow! For a lovely decorative plant you could use blue grass or a buxus ball as they don’t grow that much bigger.

‘If you wanted a quick project after work, on your lunch break or over the weekend, this is a great one.’

Jasmine dug holes for shrubs and plants (pictured right), having skipped the process of adding weed control fabric 

Jasmine said adding the border and plants improved the appearance of the garden but they still need to grow the grass 

Many commenters admitted they were impressed by the gardening tip, with one writing: ‘How nice! This would have taken me at least five hours. Impressed!!’

Another said: ‘Omg you’ve inspired me’

‘I love this so much,’ a third commented.

Another added: ‘Lovely idea but way too close to the fence! Been there done that.’

A stream of commenters admitted they were impressed with the finished results of the garden, but some advised Jasmine to leave more space between the fence in future 

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