Mom loses 100 pounds in 1 year after ditching fast food

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A new mom lost nearly 100 pounds in one year when she stopped eating fast food. 

Lillie Monro, 24, from Halstead, United Kingdom, changed her lifestyle after her daughter was born. Doctors told Monro at the time that she might not see her baby grow up because of her weight, SWNS reported. 

According to the news agency, Monro has struggled with her weight for most of her life. As a teenager, she weighed 238 pounds and though she tried several diets, she always gained the weight back.

As an adult, Monro told SWNS she ate fast food for almost every meal, which ended up costing her between $203-271 (£150-200) per week, or up to $1,085 (£800) a month. 

Lillie Monro, 24, from Halstead, United Kingdom, lost 100 pounds in one year after doctors told her she might not see her newborn baby grow up because of her weight. (SWNS)

Before her daughter Mila was born, Monro weighed 294 pounds, according to SWNS. Shortly after Mila was born in February 2019, Monro’s weight went down to 267 pounds.  

Three months after Mila was born, Monro went to her doctor, who told her that her weight put her at risk of diabetes, heart failure and other health risks, which meant Monro might not see her daughter grow up, SWNS reported.

Monro said the key to her weight loss journey was ditching fast food and cooking for herself, instead. (SWNS)

“That was my wake-up call,” Monro told SWNS, adding, “I knew I had to make rapid changes.”

She continued: “I don’t think I’d have been able to do it if she hadn’t said that and I didn’t have Mila.”

Monro said that day, she went home and decided it was time to change her lifestyle. 

“I knew I was big, I’d always eaten badly, but when she said it I looked and was surprised at how big I’d got,” Monro said. “I craved junk food all the time. And you’re always hungry after eating it, so you have more.”

She added: “I don’t know how I afforded it.”


According to SWNS, Monro decided to buy secondhand books from Slimming World, a U.K.-based weight loss organization, to kickstart her own weight loss journey. She weighed herself weekly and shared her journey with other members of the program through Instagram. 

"I’m just really really happy now," Monro said. "I don’t think I’d have been able to do this if it wasn’t for Mila." (SWNS)

She also stopped eating fast food and started cooking for herself, which has significantly cut her food bills, SWNS reported. 

“Bothering to cook for myself was key,” Monro said. “I’ve been saving so much money towards a mortgage, but first I enjoyed buying new clothes.”

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