Model who said was too attractive to find love seeks help of expert

Model who claimed she’s ‘too beautiful’ to find love reveals she’s finally bagged a man thanks to a relationship coach who insists dating MULTIPLE men at the same time is the key

  • Jenna Thompson 36, from Essex, sought the help of dating guru Sami Wunder
  • She previously claimed she was ‘too good looking’ to attract a love interest 
  • Model now dates range of men using a technique called ‘rotational dating’

A bikini model who previously claimed she was ‘too good looking’ to attract a man has finally found a date with the help of an expert dating coach. 

Jenna Thompson, 36, from Brentwood in Essex, decided to seek the help of dating guru Sami Wunder following more than two years of disastrous dates which saw her attract men who simply wanted ‘hook ups’. 

After embarking on her mission to find love, the mother-of-two was able to transform her approach to dating with a technique called ‘rotational dating’.

The process has allowed her to date a range of different men, while continuing to enjoy multiple meet-ups with one man in particular. 

‘I decided to seek advice from Sami because my dating history over the last two years had been somewhat of a disaster,’ said Jenna, who has two children – 19-month-old Enzo and Emilia, six.

‘I had heard of Sami’s success stories and although at the beginning I wasn’t actually sure how she could help me, I learned a lot.’

Jenna Thompson, 36, from Brentwood in Essex (pictured on holiday in an unknown location), decided to seek the help of an expert dating guru after previously claiming her beauty was the reason behind her single status

The mother-of-two (pictured with a date) has now been on around ten dates and continues to see one man in particular 

The model sought the help of the dating coach Sami Wunder (pictured) after more than two years of disastrous dates

For Jenna. the biggest hurdle was the rotational dating – not exclusively seeing one person unless they are serious about commitment. 

‘This doesn’t mean you sleep with multiple people, unless of course you choose to, it’s actually dating – coffees, drinks, dinners, movies and so on,’ she explained. 

‘I fully recommend this style of dating to others, because for women, we can get easily attached and overly focused on one person only to find further down the line that they maybe aren’t serious, or ready for full commitment so it keeps your options open and less chance of early heartbreak.

‘The ones who are serious will stay and anyone not serious will just naturally fall away. I still do attract guys that aren’t serious, but I see them coming. 

She continued: ‘For me what’s changed is that I am not actively looking for the bad boys anymore and I understand what it is I truly want. I’ve been on around ten dates so far and there is one who I’m continuing to date.’    

Upon meeting the dating coach, the model began to date a host of different men in order to keep her options open and lessen the chances of an early heartbreak. Now, she is simply enjoying getting to know new people. 

‘The men in my life currently are very sweet,’ she explained. ‘I don’t know yet where these relationships will go but I’m enjoying getting to know new people and experience new things. There’s no rush for me.’

The model (pictured with a date) was told to practice ‘rotational dating’ which is not exclusively seeing one person 

Jenna (pictured) said that rotational dating has allowed her to meet a range of new people and lessened her chance of heartbreak

Prior to her journey,  the model (pictured left and right) told how she didn’t take dating seriously and simply expected to find a relationship

‘In the past I’ve found it hard to deal with heartbreak, my longest relationship was five years, but now that I have children, I can’t wallow in any form of misery.

‘I have to brush myself off and carry on. Dating is nice, and I’ve never really done it before as I’ve always had a relationship.’ 

Earlier this year, the model told This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that her attractive looks were to blame for her ongoing single status.


‘Single women – rotational date! It’s the fastest way to attract the love of your life, without wasting years on the wrong men.’

‘Make sure your profile is representing the best version of you. Value yourself and do not pursue or chase men. 

‘Let them do the hard work of winning you, just like a queen deserves. And finally, remember that love matters. 

‘Don´t let your job and money suck the life out of you and leave you no time for dating. Love is what we are here to experience. 

‘Make time for it intentionally and ask for help if you’re struggling vs. trying to do it alone and wasting years of your life in trial and error with men.’  

During the show she explained: ‘I think I intimidate nice guys. I seem to attract guys who are only after one thing. People who think they’ll have a go and just want hook ups. No one is looking for anyone that serious.’ 

However, after seeking the help of the internationally recognised dating coach and founder of, the model has seen her love life flourish. 

Speaking about Jenna’s newfound success in the realm of love, Sami, who is based between the UK and Germany, said: ‘Like many amazing women out there, Jenna too was not valuing herself fully in the dating market.

‘Her profile wasn’t showing her in her full power. She was still in her ”trying hard” masculine energy on the dates, even though she is such a catch. Also, only seeing one man at a time made her waste a lot of her precious time and energy on the wrong men. 

‘When she came to an expert, just the first few tweaks have made a radical difference in her attitude in dating and the results she is getting now. I am so confident that her soulmate is on the way.’

Sami’s six-step process to find love, which has seen the dating coach be responsible for 145 engagements in the past three years, allowed Jenna to change her belief that all men are intimidated by her and allowed her to put her bad dating experiences behind her.  

The dating guru, who shares a three-year-old child with her husband of six years Chris, said: ‘I don´t believe in rules in dating. I believe that coming from the energy of confidence and clarity is way more powerful for love success for my clients than following any rules. 

Sami (pictured) encouraged Jenna to follow a six-step process to find love and made the model change her belief that all men are intimidated by her 

Dating guru Sami (pictured) said: ‘I don’t believe in rules in dating. I believe that coming from the energy of confidence and clarity is way more powerful for love success’

‘When Jenna came to me, her biggest block to attracting healthy love and a masculine man was her belief that men are intimidated by her success and beauty. The first thing we did together was dismantle this limiting belief.’

The expert went on to say she made Jenna see that celebrities including Beyonce and J Lo are all gorgeous and successful women and they have love – and there was no reason she couldn’t have it, too.

‘It was important that she understood that her beauty and success made her a catch and wasn’t something she had to hide or play small in order to attract a good man,’ she explained. 

‘On our private sessions, we also helped her understand that men don´t fall in love or out of love with us because of our success or looks. Those are both superficial factors that can help start a relationship but not sustain it. 

‘Men fall in love with our essence, with who we truly are and this is what Jenna had to bring out in the dating process for herself. 

She added: ‘From Jenna´s point of view, this felt like a huge liberation to know that she didn’t have to be less smart or attractive to have a man in her life.’

Jenna said she is no longer  looking for the bad boys anymore and understands what it is that she truly wants

The model (pictured on holiday in an unknown location) added that rotational dating has changed her whole mindset to dating and while there are no proposals on the horizon, she is in a much better place

After getting Jenna to change her view on the way she approached dating, Sami encouraged her to undertake a powerful mindset session on time management to ensure that the model always had time in her life to find love. 

‘Practically, we made her lock some time on her calendar to go on dates and have some predictability around asking for baby support, so that she could step out,’ explained Sami.

‘Working on these two things alone, helped Jenna to feel empowered and have both space in her mind and her life, for love to enter.;’

Next up, the pair addressed the challenge that Jenna was attracting the wrong sort of man from her online dating profile.

‘We completely shifted the way she was presenting herself online from a wild and free rebel into a glamorous classy mum,’ said Sami.

‘I wrote the profile personally for her and made sure her pictures were up to date, feminine and professional shots. 

‘And while we both agreed that Jenna has these beautiful wild and free sides to her, only lucky men, men who have gained her trust through effort over time, deserve to see those intimate sides of her soul. 

Sami (pictured) told Jenna that Beyonce and J Lo were both gorgeous and successful women who had found love

Following this change, the expert claims there was immediately a ‘rush of high quality men’ interested in Jenna – but the real challenge was how to choose the right man for Jenna.

On their third private session Jenna and Sami agreed on the model’s deal breakers – and the mother-of-two was   told to choose men based solely on chemistry.

‘You do want that physical attraction but you also want to ensure compatibility on values and lifestyle,’ explained Sami. 

‘Plus, what Jenna was doing before our work together, was that she was only seeing one man at a time. 

‘This caused her to waste a good three-six months dating one man and then when it didn’t work out (which it often doesn’t), it took more time for to recover and get back in the dating scene. 

She continued: ‘When Jenna came to me, I taught her how to rotational date. This is a method of dating where you see more than one man at the same time, for non-sexual connection dates, and get to evaluate several men at the same for compatibility and match. This method of dating brought up a lot of feelings of guilt for Jenna. 

‘It was powerful for her to observe how quickly she got attached to a man she was seeing for just a few weeks and felt obligated to give him quick exclusivity and sex. Beneficial for the man but a bad idea for the woman in question.’

And finally, Sami taught Jenna how to be in her feminine energy and let the man do the hard work of chasing her, pursuing her and giving to her.

‘This work has been a complete game changer for how Jenna dates,’ she explained. ‘The last we connected, Jenna had a handful of healthy, masculine suitors and was enjoying being courted like the queen that she is.’

Now in a much happier place in her dating life, Jenna has thanked the dating coach for  changing her entire mindset to dating.  

Jenna added: ‘I’ve recently had a very heartbreaking experience with one guy I met online, who sadly was killed in his job working in the Ministry of Defence. It’s been a hard situation to accept. And very sad. 

‘I have learned from this, not to ever judge a situation as you just don’t know what’s going on in peoples lives. If people disappear or go quiet on you, not to think it’s something you said or did .. I can’t say anymore on that.’ 

Jenna (pictured on holiday in an exotic location) now recommends rotational dating to other women and said it does not mean sleeping with multiple people but meeting for coffees, drinks, dinners and movies

Jenna said she does not mention the rotational dating until a bit further into the dating process and also explains to her dates why she has chosen to date in this way

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