Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Why It’ll Be ‘A Few Years’ Before They Have Kids

She may have shopped for onesies this week, but Miley isn’t looking to have a little one anytime soon! Fellow fans, we’ve got some waiting to do. She and Liam won’t be growing their family for awhile, a source says.

Quit looking for a baby bump! Miley Cyrus, 25, is not pregnant — even though she was seen shopping for baby clothes in Los Angeles on Oct. 14. While fans would freak if she and Liam Hemsworth, 28, had a little one on the way, the couple have decided to take their time, a source close to Miley told EXCLUSIVELY. “She has a lot of other things on her plate right now with work and music to worry about, so having children right now is not first on the list,” the insider said. “Her and Liam are in a good place and kids will happen, but sometime in a few years most likely.” Sounds good to us! They’ve got plenty of time, so why rush?

Besides, the source added that when Miley does get pregnant, she won’t make the announcement by publicly shopping for onesies with her friends. “Miley isn’t pregnant or in any rush to be pregnant, but is also not against getting pregnant either,” the insider said. “And when she does eventually get pregnant she isn’t going to hide it. She is going to be proud and protective, of course, but she is in no way going to make it a big long secret.” That’s a relief, right? So instead of analyzing every red carpet pic for a budding belly, fans can just wait patiently for an announcement.

Until then, Miley and Liam have plenty of pets to keep them busy. These two sure love their dogs! Who could forget the sweet shots Liam has posted on Instagram of he and his S.O. going on walks with their canine brood?

Clearly, they’re getting in some parenting practice with all of their furry friends. When the time comes, they’ll be ready!

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