Miesha Tate Slams Ronda Rousey Over Recent Comments About Media Interviews — ‘It’s A Slap In The Face’ To Fans

Ronda Rousey’s comments during a recent Q&A sparked some controversy, and Miesha Tate didn’t hold back her thoughts.

Current WWE superstar, and former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey has built varying reputations through the years. At times, Ronda Rousey has revealed a humble side, and has shown gratitude toward her fans. But when it comes to media interviews, Rousey’s comments and attitude are often followed by controversy. And such was the case during her Q&A session on April 25, promoting her newest movie, Mile 22.

As USA Today reported, Peter Berg, the director of Mile 22, hosted the Q&A with Ronda Rousey. The bulk of the session featured an emotional “Rowdy” Ronda as she didn’t hold back the tears when describing the difficulties following her two back-to-back UFC losses (Holly Holm, Amanda Nunes). Ronda talked about how she never learned how to lose. She spoke of crying for two years while her husband, Travis Browne, held her.

She remarked that she couldn’t have pulled out of her depression alone, and that every missed chance is a blessing in disguise. That she had to learn from experiences, and that time is the best teacher. The Q&A provided a very heartfelt interview from the former UFC champion. But it was her comments at the end that has sparked some controversy.

As the Los Angeles Times documented, Peter Berg told the live audience of how Ronda Rousey praised a young boxer who panned Canelo Alvarez for his recent suspension for using a banned substance, and the “Rowdy” one provided her thoughts. She said that we live in an age of “trial by Twitter,” and elaborated.

“What’s really gained by stating your opinion on anything? It whittles people down. It gets cut and pasted 10 times and it’s in headlines. Why should I talk? I believe hearing me speak is a privilege and it’s a privilege that’s been abused, so why not revoke it from everyone? I don’t believe public criticism, beating you down, is the right thing to do.”

Several people took exception to the WWE superstar saying that hearing her speak is a privilege, including Miesha Tate. As documented by MMA Fighting, and as heard in the audio below from MMA Tonight, Miesha Tate spoke about Ronda Rousey’s comments. She said she was going to address it, even though people will say she’s just being a hater. And the former UFC champion didn’t hold back.

“This kind of attitude, this is where we butt heads. This is the point where we don’t agree. Sometimes Ronda will say something that’s humble and I’ll be like, ‘Hey, that’s a great comment.’ This is asinine.”

“This is asinine… she really sounds full of herself.” — @MieshaTate on Ronda Rousey saying hearing her speak is a privilege pic.twitter.com/DV9wT5nwQd

— MMA on SiriusXM (@MMAonSiriusXM) May 3, 2018

Tate would go on to say that she thinks the WWE superstar sounds rude and full of herself. That she doesn’t see it as a privilege to hear Ronda speak. And that, to a degree, she owes it to her fans. That it is the fans who have an interest in what she says. Miesha Tate said that it’s a “slap in the face” to those who love and support Ronda Rousey.

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