Men and women tell their PARENTS how they lost their virginity

‘I’m going to need a drink after this!’ Men and women of all ages candidly explain to their horrified parents how they lost their VIRGINITY in a cringe-worthy video

  • A new clip from shows young adults talking to their parents about sex, and revealing how and when they lost their virginity
  • Some parents are left feeling impressed, while others seem to be scarred for life by the information 

Talking sex with mom and dad is one of the things that most regular people would go to great lengths to avoid.

So it’s surprising that, in  a new video for, a number of people willingly sat down with their parents to reveal just when and how they lost their virginity, with some of them talking about sex for the very first time. 

The clip, which was posted on Saturday, starts as awkwardly as you might expect, complete with grimaces from parents and kids alike.

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Dishing the details: Parents sit and listen while their kids reveal how they lost their virginity in’s latest video

Painful: This daughter prompts her mom to utter an ‘oh Jesus’ after revealing that her virginity was gone long before her high school boyfriend

To open up the conversation, the various kids in the video ask their parents what they think they might already know about the moment their child lost their virginity. 

‘Well, there was a young man she was dating all through high school, so I’m going to guess that’s where it started,’ laughs one mom before her daughter indicates that things didn’t ‘start’ there. 

‘Oh Jesus!’ exclaims mom, horrified at what might be coming next. 

Eventually the daughter reveals that she was sleeping over at her best friend’s house when one of the girl’s brothers came home and went to bed in the top bunk of the bed she was sleeping in. After some whispers, she climbed into the bunk with him.

‘Sorry… I’m going to have to have a drink after this or something,’ says the exasperated mom.   

Awkward: This interviewee reveals that he lied when his first asked him ‘You’ve done this before, right?’

‘Why did I do this?’ This daughter is already at her wit’s end listening to her parents discuss which boyfriend could be her first

A little uncomfortable: This son recalls to his dad how his girlfriend’s head was being whacked against his wooden bed during

At one point, a young lady watching her parents discuss which of her boyfriends could have possibly been her first, turned to the camera and asks: ‘Why did I do this??’ 

When she finally reveals the name of the boy, Jordan, her mother responds with an even more embarrassing: ‘Aaaw! Baby J! I just saw his mom the other day at the vet with their little dog Mellow!’

But their comfort over this fact is short-lived after mom gushes, ‘I’m just glad you weren’t parked on the side of the road,’ and her daughter responds: ‘Well… I was.’

Her parents – particularly her father – cringe as they listen to her describe taking off ‘just pants’ for the roadside romp. The next morning, she confided in her brother Kyle about what had happened, and he responded by taking her church.  

One interviewee named Axl, reveals to his mother than he lost his virginity to a man he met at the ‘first and last frat party I’ve ever been to.’ 

Just no: This mom declares that she is ‘going to have to have a drink’ after the talk

Wince: The interviewees all enjoy their fair share of cringe-worthy moments over the video

Expectations: After his son reveals the experience was ‘scary’ this dad tells him that this is what he gets for ‘sneakin”

‘We go into the room and he said, “You’ve done this before, right?” and I said ‘yeah,’ which wasn’t true.’

For this pair, the whole event lasted just 30 seconds, before ‘there was a knock at the door’ and they had to rush out because it turned out the bed they were in didn’t even belong to him.

Another young man reveals to his father that despite he and his girlfriend ‘rushing’ through their first time because they had curfew – and that he ‘put it in the wrong place first’ – the session lasted 30 minutes.

‘You know how like my bed is wooden? Her head kept slamming like boom, boom, boom, boom into the thing and I kept getting scared. I was like, “yo, you’re gonna get hurt,” so I put a pillow there,’ he says.

When his father asks if the experience was what he imagined, the son responds in the negative, calling it ‘scary,’

‘Well that’s what happens when you be sneakin’!’ responds dad. ‘It’s true.’  

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