‘Men prefer natural women like me – I’m lucky I’ve got good genes’

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An OnlyFans model has claimed that men on the site prefer natural women – and she believes she owes her success to her "inherited good genes".

Claudia Sentinella is a 25-year-old OnlyFans model who boasts natural curves and a love of eroticism.

So by combining the two, she has now become one of the top creators on the X-rated site.

The Croatian beauty started her OnlyFans a year ago and has already ranked within the top 10% of creators.

Now, Claudia has spoken exclusively to Daily Star about all the saucy secrets behind her account.

She said: “I love to be sexy and entertain people. Men like to watch me and I get a lot of compliments.

“Many (of my subscribers) want to meet me in real life.”

Despite her confidence, Claudia hasn't always been happy with her appearance.

She explained: “I have mentioned many times that I would change something about myself and the men who follow me say I don’t (need to) change anything.

“I have curves that men like and they like that I am natural. I think they think so because of this kind of build and body that I have.

“It is a rarity on the OnlyFans platform.”

Claudia has claimed that she has never gone under the knife.

She said: “I did not (have) cosmetic surgery or minor corrections. I inherited good genes.”

Making her subscribers swoon over her naturally curvy figure, men often get Claudia to play out their kinks.

She revealed: “I post erotic and nude photos and footage with sex toys.”

Claudia also gets paid extra for subscribers' requests.

She revealed: “Many like me to mention their name and play the mistress.”

Claudia has even asked to film herself going to the toilet.

“The weirdest request on OnlyFans was to film urination, which of course I refused," she said.

Despite posting racy content, Claudia has shied away from an offer to be in a porn film.

She revealed: “I had an offer from people to collaborate and record porn content which just didn’t appeal to me.

“I just see myself more as an erotic model than being a porn star.”

Although many men swoon over Claudia and her “good genes”, the dark haired beauty does not receive the same love from her peers.

The OnlyFans star added: “Now when I do what I do, I hear gossip that I am a person who does not like to work and that I have embarrassed my family.

“It is completely irrelevant to me, the only thing that matters to me is that I am free and happy.”

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