Meghan’s staff’s kind gesture to make Royal Tour easier for her and Archie

Travelling around Africa with a four-month old baby was always going to be tricky logistically for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry .

And while Archie wasn't exactly sitting in economy for the 11-hour flight from Heathrow to Cape Town, the couple were determined to take their little boy with them on their Royal Tour.

Luckily for the couple they had a dedicated team of experienced staff on hand to help organise every tiny detail of the trip, and the Duchess explained that they made one very "sweet" move to make life a bit easier for them.

They arranged all the events and engagements around Archie's feeding times, meaning that Meghan and Harry could be there to give their son his meals.

The Duchess had no engagements in the evening, which presumably meant she able to put him to bed every night as well.

Asked how the tour had been, she said: “On my goodness, well, we’re doing well. I think the schedule – they have been very kind to me, because everything is based around Archie’s feed times.

“So it’s a full plate, but we’re making it work. It’s worth it.”

During the interview she also said how much she had missed Harry while he was visiting Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

She said: “Being able to be in Africa and South Africa – it’s my first time being in this country – has been really powerful, and Harry has continued on in a couple of other countries – we are reuniting today, which I can’t wait for, I miss him so much!

“But I think for us it has been a really special trip, because you get to see when you’re focussing on the causes that are really important to us, you can see that the impact is good, and it feels meaningful.”

It's not the first time Meghan has spoken about feeding her little boy, and she also told guests at her fashion line launch she had to get off to give him his diner.

During a chat with women from Smart Works, who she launched the collection for, she said: "I’ve got to get back to the baby, it’s feed time."

Ellen DeGeneres also spoke about giving Archie a bottle when she spent time with the Sussex family during a trip to London earlier this year.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, she said: "Here's a sentence I thought I'd never say, but I spent the afternoon with Prince Harry and Meghan.

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