How Meghan only wears green outside of her safe neutral shades

Why green is the ONLY non-neutral shade Meghan wears for royal engagements – and it’s to do with ‘giving her a feeling of safety and reassurance’

  • Meghan, 36, has been favouring forest green shade over past few months
  • Experts say her choice of colour could be a sign she is feeling ‘apprehensive’
  • Former actress most recently wore green printed dress by Self Portrait 
  • She predominantly sticks to neutral colours, including black, navy and white
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Meghan has stuck predominantly to neutral shades for her royal engagements to date – with green being the only other colour she’s worn.

And now, experts have revealed that her favourite colour may be helping to give her a ‘feeling of safety and reassurance’.

Prince Harry’s fiancée, 36, has been favouring a warm forest green shade in particular, which could be a sign she is feeling ‘apprehensive’ about her new role in the royal family. 

The former actress most recently wore a green printed dress by British brand Self Portrait when attending an Invictus Games reception on Saturday.

Outside of her safe neutral shades, the only colour Meghan has worn is green. Prince Harry’s fiancée wore a green dress by Self Portrait on Saturday

Apart from green, Meghan has stuck to neutral colours for her royal engagements so far, such as black, navy, and white.

Experts say her decision to wear green could be reflective of her nervousness about joining the royal family.

Karen Haller, an applied colour psychology practitioner, told FEMAIL: ‘The green that Megan is favouring is a warm dark forest green. 

‘If she is feeling a bit apprehensive or unsure – and let’s face it who wouldn’t feel like this joining the royal family and learning all protocol – this specific hue would go some way to providing her with a feeling of safety and reassurance, helping to create a sense of peace and balance.’    

Meghan, 36, wore a green midi dress  by Toronto-based Greta Constantine in Belfast in March

In Edinburgh in February, the royal bride-to-be opted for a green and navy checked coat by Burberry, along with a dark green Strathberry cross body bag

Meghan has chosen green accessories on a couple of occasions, sporting a DeMellier Mini Venice handbag in forest green in Cardiff in January.

In February, the Suits star opted for a dark green Strathberry cross body bag in Edinburgh, along with a navy and green checked coat by Burberry.

Last month, Meghan wore a green midi skirt by Toronto-based Greta Constantine during a visit to Belfast.

She also chose a khaki coat by Babaton for Aritzia for the Invictus Games team trials in Bath at the start of this month.

Meghan opted for a forest green DeMellier Mini Venice handbag while in Cardiff in January

The Suits star opted for a khaki coat for the Invictus Games team trials in Bath this month

Her boldest look when it comes to colour came at the weekend, when Meghan opted for a printed midi dress by Self Portrait, a brand that has also been worn in the past by the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Meghan has stuck to a fairly understated wardrobe in the run-up to her big day on May 19, which experts suggest may be a deliberate strategy.

Celebrity stylist and designer Lucas Armitage previously told FEMAIL that her style choices are leading to ‘even more anticipation for the wedding’ at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. 

‘It not uncommon for brides-to-be to play things low key in the run up to the big day,’ he explained. 

Will Harry and Meghan have a happy marriage?

Speaking exclusively to MailOnine FEMAIL, Elizabeth Kuhnke, the author of Body Language: Learn How To Read Others And Communicate With Confidence, revealed how Harry and Meghan’s physical proximity reveals their closeness and obvious sexual chemistry – while conversely, the actress at times appeared ‘tense’ and ‘distanced’ herself from Engelson.

‘While some photos of Meghan and Trevor demonstrate physical closeness, the same photos also show tension and stiffness, particularly in her body, suggesting that the couple weren’t emotionally in tune. Trevor seemed to have been more in love with Meghan than she with him.

Meghan pictured with her first husband, producer Trevor Engelson, in 2011 (left); and with Harry in Bath in April (right)

‘In contrast, Meghan appears happier and freer with Harry than she was with Trevor. They present a unified front, posing as one, reflecting and matching each other’s facial expressions , movements and gestures. This behavior indicates they are on the same page and that their relationship is harmonious. 

‘When they smile at one another, they hold eye contact, their cheeks are raised and their eyes crinkle around the outer sides, indicating genuine warmth and happiness between the two. Even when they are not touching, their physical proximity and welcoming, open body language shows their closeness.’

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