Meghan Markle's Uncle Says He Would Have Walked Her Down the Aisle…If He Hadn't Been Snubbed

Another day, another random member of Meghan Markle’s family who can’t stop talking to the press! Because if there’s one thing her loved ones are great at, it’s—sigh—complaining about their girl Meg.

The Duchess’ uncle Michael Markle recently gave an interview with British tabloid The Mirror, expressing his hurt feelings over not being invited to the royal wedding. “I thought I would,” he said. “But anyhow, I didn’t hear from her.”

Michael also said he would have been happy to walk Meghan down the aisle in her father’s place, and that he wasn’t sure whether or not the royal family were behind his lack of invite. “Yes I would have done it,” he said. “I don’t know how much the Royal Family had influence on her or not. They didn’t accept anyone else so they couldn’t make an exception for me.”

Actually, to give Michael some credit, he’s not being that dramatic, right? Oh wait, NEVER MIND, this guy also felt the need to add that he had done “more for [Meghan]” than anyone else—echoing previous comments in which he mused, “I don’t understand why [she’s] been so indifferent towards me. It’s uncalled for. I helped her out and I didn’t ask for anything in return.”

So basically, TL;DR, Meghan’s family is hurt, vaguely bitter, and all kinds of annoyed that she’s ignoring them for ~that royal life.~ But do they have a point?

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