Meghan Markle’s Popularity Could Strain Marriage If She Doesn’t Play Her Cards Right, Suggests ‘’

While Meghan Markle is undeniably popular among royals fans, is warning that it could backfire on the duchess. This theory is based on the relationship between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. According to Lady Elizabeth Anson, Charles realized at one point that his wife was more popular than he was.

“(Diana) sort of metamorphosed into a very, very elegant blonde beauty. They did a visit to Wales which was the beginning of, for Prince Charles, realising, ‘They’ve come out to see my wife, they haven’t come out to see me.’”

While we don’t know all of the intimate details in their marriage that could have attributed to a greater sense of animosity, the idea is that the prince shouldn’t be overshadowed by his wife.

On the other hand, Prince Harry and Meghan share a different dynamic. While Princess Diana became famous after she joined the royal family, Meghan already had a following thanks to her role in Suits. And from the beginning, Harry has been working to protect Meghan from the media. We saw this when he released an official statement asking people to respect his then-girlfriend, an act that was out of the norm, according to the Telegraph. And in the months following the couple’s wedding, Harry has reportedly wanted to calm down the “hysteria” surrounding Meghan.

But throughout it all, the duchess seems to be staying true to herself, while letting her husband shine and take the lead whenever possible. Meghan’s small tricks to not upstage her husband is something that body language experts have noted. And the general consensus is that it’s a good call on Markle’s part, because it keeps her in good standing with royals fans.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to know if Harry will eventually become upset at Meghan’s fan base. His perception of the media and attention may be different from his father’s back in the day, considering that his mother’s death is blamed on paparazzi.

For now, suggests that the “litmus test” will be the couple’s upcoming Australian tour. But if Meghan’s first-ever solo speech for the charity event is any indication, she’s likely to be a hit, not just with fans, but also with her supportive husband.

Plus, the two seem to be working through any problems together. The first months of being a royal haven’t been completely smooth sailing for Meghan, as her American family has taken to giving vicious interviews and making grand claims on social media.

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