Megan Mullally Jokes About Lack Of Diverse Roles For Women In 2018 During SAG Awards Opening

Hilarious..and true. Megan Mullally kicked off the SAG Awards by skewering Hollywood over its ‘groundbreaking’ roles for women, like Emily Blunt playing a ‘nanny’ and Glen Close being a ‘wife.’

In the wake of the whole Kevin Hart/Academy Awards debacle, perhaps the Oscars should just get Megan Mullally to host? The Will & Grace star (and love of Nick Offerman’s life) brought the funny to the start of the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 27, while taking a shot at the parts women were given in the prior year. “Roles for women continued to break new ground. Glenn Close played a wife! So, that’s new. Melissa McCarthy portrayed a woman who repeatedly apologizes and asked our forgiveness. I was like, ‘what?! This is groundbreaking.’ ”

“Emily Blunt played a nanny,” she said, bringing up Mary Poppins Returns, “and in another film, written and directed by her real life husband, John Krasinski, Emily played a mom who wasn’t allowed to speak! So great not to have to learn any lines right? that was really thoughtful of you, John.” While there was a specific reason as to why Emily was silent in A Quiet Place, Megan’s jabs were pretty on point, Hollywood. No wonder the SAGs wanted her to host.

“Well I first heard them say, ‘Will you be our ho…?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I can be your ho!’ But then it turns out they actually said ‘host.’ And I was like, ‘Oh okay, well I could do that, too,’ “ Meghan said when speaking to Variety about how the Will & Grace star landed the gig. When asked how she would prepare for the gig, she had an unconventional answer: Find some writers and throw a bunch of ideas around. I had a couple of ideas that are funny that require some shooting some stuff outside of the actual live broadcast, so we’ll see. I don’t think I have an inordinate amount of screen time.”

“I’m not on stage for twenty minutes telling a series of amazing political jokes,” she said, explaining how the SAGs were going to differentiate from what has been expected of awards shows in the time of Donald Trump. “That’s s not going to happen. It’s not going to be political. it’s going to be about actors and celebrating talent…. I don’t think it’s that kind of night. I’m political, but my stock-in-trade is not politics.”

“I do think it’s really cool that they asked me to host because [hosts are] not always women,” she added. “It’s not always women my age. I don’t have 19 million followers on social media. I have so many great memories of the SAG Awards. It’s just a fun one to go to, and you see all your friends and sometimes there’s like Olivia Colman that you can prostrate yourself in front of. I think everyone wants to meet her. She’s going to be besieged.”

As for the 2019 Oscars going on without a host, Megan couldn’t believe it. “That’s ridiculous. That’s so dumb. Why would they do that?” she asked. Well, after that opening, the question is – why hasn’t she been given the job?

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