Meet the magical mini menagerie of very small creatures

They’ve got the whole world in their hands: Meet the magical mini menagerie that shows how great creatures come in (very) small sizes

These tiny animals are so cute it’s little wonder that they have become huge hits on the internet.

From miniature marsupials to charming chameleons and pint-sized pythons, the only things they have in common are a love of perching on someone’s hand and posing for the camera.

All the creatures are featured on social media platform Reddit, where people post close-up pictures of their pets and wild finds in the section Tiny Animals On Fingers.

The craze has become so popular that the sub-group already has more than 80,000 members.

So hands up if you think these are some of the most magical images you have ever seen. The little beauties are definitely worth holding on to.

Hold tight: These young chameleons are getting a bit clingy

Open wide: Feisty snake wants to bite off more than it can chew

Sucker! Octopus Wolfi, the smallest of its kind

Hang on a minute: Cested gecko (left) and right, a dinky snake

I shell not be moved: Baby turtle peeks out

Thumbs up: Perfect perch for a tiny tree python (left) and right, a mini alligator takes a bite

Calmer chameleon: Having a quick break

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Shrewly, madly, deeply: Nap time for this baby

Don’t look down: Daredevil northern blossom bat

Palm date: But this snapping turtle won’t be messed around

Feeding time: A very hungry caterpillar

It’s growing on me: Vietnamese mossy frog (left). Right: A baby vole

Light as a feather: The tiny Calliope hummingbird

Left: This cute little opossum is nodding off. Right: A hypnotic-looking frog

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