Massive Data Leak Sees Millions Of Personal Records Exposed

Anyone that is a United States citizen should probably try and figure out if their information was part of the exposed data that just got released.

According to CNET, a firm known as Exactis was rocked with a data breach that saw millions of people’s information exposed.

The sheer number of citizens and companies that are expected to suffer from this result is around 340 million. That’s a whopping estimate and it’s even bigger than previous data leaks that occurred in recent times such as Cambridge Analytica.

The alleged breach is terrible because it gives up the information that is generally considered quite personal. Some of the pieces of information are phone numbers, addresses, email address, age, gender, and even the number of children some people have. It even goes as far as to give off the interests of some. This is something to really drive anger for a lot of people, they consider their interests a secret thing and something that only a few people should know about, not everyone who has the ability to find out.

Currently, this is all just alleged information that has been leaked since Exactis has not confirmed the incident.


If it did happen, then it’s going to be a very tough road down the line for this company, given the size of this break. However, Exactis is said to cover a lot more people than what has been supposedly leaked. Specifically, they cover around 3.5 billion consumer, business, and digital records.

Just in case you’re super worried and are about to change every little bit about yourself, you should know that it has also been reported that it’s not always accurate information that is available.

Thankfully, some of the more sensitive information remained protected. This includes social security numbers as well as credit card numbers.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not going to be an easy road for the company that allegedly allowed this leak to occur. It’s going to be a long walk that will test every level of security and ethics on their part.


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