Manson’s Followers Donating To Funeral After Fundraiser Cancelled

Charles Manson’s followers set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover the cost of his burial, but the campaign was taken down by the website.

Charles Manson, 83, died last Sunday after a prolonged period of failing health. Known best as the evil mastermind behind the grisly murders of nine people in the late 60s, Manson had become synonymous with evil in modern culture.

After his death, questions arose of what to do with his body. According to state law, if nobody comes forward to claim the body after 10 days the corpse is given to the state.

According to TMZ, officials in California have decided to cremate Manson’s remains for fear of creating a shrine to the madman.

However, Manson’s only known living relative came forward to say he would like to collect the body for a proper burial. Jason Freeman, 41, announced Monday that he would like to travel to California to collect his grandfather’s remains, however, the cost of traveling to California to assert his next-of-kin status is prohibitively high.

To help out, Freeman’s friend Jeff Jones set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of both traveling to Kern County, where Manson’s remains are kept, as well as funeral costs. “Two days prior to Charles’ passing away, his grandson Jason Lee Freeman lost his job,” the GoFundMe began. “Not only does Jason now have to worry about stepping up to the plate to ensure his grandfather’s remains are laid to rest with the honor, respect & dignity he deserves, but Jason must also bare [sic] the burden of covering all expenses.”

The GoFundMe campaign managed to raise $949 before it was taken down Thursday afternoon.

Although Freeman’s campaign has come to an abrupt end, he’s still not giving up on his goal of providing Manson a funeral. “If we can’t raise money with GoFundMe, we’ll find another way,” Freeman said to the New York Daily News. “It will definitely be a group effort. It’s not just one person, it’s a lot of people holding hands.”

Even though he’d been jailed for over 50 years of his life, Manson still had followers outside of prison. Those followers are reportedly reaching out to Freeman to provide support for Manson’s burial.

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