Man with a ‘boob’ lipoma on his arm seeks the help of Dr Pimple Popper

Man with a 3lb ‘boob’ lipoma on his arm seeks the help of Dr Pimple Popper – and says the painful growth smells like ten dead rats

  • Leonard, 54, from North Carolina, has been living with lipoma for 11 years
  • His growth sits at the top of his left arm and looks raw and red at the end 
  • The patient is petrified of doctors so Dr Sandra Lee has her work cut out for her
  • She worries it could be cancer but confirms it is a non-malignant lipoma
  • The man features in tonight’s episode of Dr Pimple Popper on TLC at 9pm

Dr Pimple Popper removes a gigantic lipoma from a man’s arm in tonight’s stomach-churning episode of the TLC show.  

Leonard, 54, from North Carolina, reveals he has been living with the ‘chip on his left shoulder,’ for the best part of 11 years. 

The alarming growth, which grew from an egg to a ‘boob’ has a massive open wound on it, and looks like it is trying to break through his skin.  

In the final episode of the current series, expert Dr Sandra Lee is faced with one of her biggest tasks yet: removing Leonard’s lump and keeping him calm.

‘It puts tears in my eyes,’ says Leonard, who says he is petrified of doctors. ‘It smells bad all the time. It started smelling like a rotten deer head, but now it smells like 10 dead rats.’

Leonard, 54, from North Carolina, has his gigantic lipoma (pictured) removed in tonight’s episode of TLC show, Dr Pimple Popper

The growth is located at the top of Leonard’s arm, and he reveals that it started out as just as small bump, before growing to the size of a ‘boobie’ 

 Dr Sandra Lee describes the growth as ‘crazy looking’ and is particularly concerned the ‘rolled border and redness in the center’ means it could be potentially dangerous

Leonard admits that the enormous bump, which weighs around 3lbs, causes him a lot of pain and constantly gets in the way. 

‘Yes, it hurts. It feels like two pairs of pliers grabbing my skin and ripping it apart very slowly,’ he says. 

Due to his chronic fear of doctors, Leonard has put off seeking proper medical attention for over a decade. 

‘It’s still in my head that I’ve got to be at that doctor’s office,’ he explains. ‘I know there’s been sick people, it’s all enclosed. I’ll feel safer cutting it off with a chainsaw than going to the doctor.’

But Leonard is fully aware that if he is to receive the treatment he’s desperate for, he’s going to have to face his fears. 

As his friend Sharon puts it: ‘I’m just scared that if he don’t get it taken care of, it’s going to seriously kill him. I don’t see any other alternative here.’ 

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The expert says the alarming growth, which resembles a ‘boob,’ looks like it’s trying to break through Leonard’s skin

Pictured, the multi-lobulated mass gets extracted from Leonard’s arm in gruesome scenes not for the fainthearted (pictured)

After biopsy results confirm Leonard’s bump is a non-malignant lipoma, the expert pimple popper is finally able to go ahead with the grim removal

But even just keeping Leonard in the surgery waiting room is a challenge, as he tries to walk off on numerous occasions. 

‘I definitely see patients who have a fear of doctors but Leonard is the worst I’ve ever seen,’ admits Dr Sandra Lee.

‘I pride myself at being really good at calming my patient’s nerves but Leonard is another level. I really have to watch what I say because any wrong movement I make and he could be out of the door.’

And things don’t get easier for Leonard during his first appointment with Dr Sandra Lee, who brings him down to Earth with the news that the lump could be cancerous. 

‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ she explains. ‘It’s crazy looking. Why has it got this rolled border and redness in the centre. This is really concerning to me and makes me think this could be much more dangerous.’

She adds: ‘It might be a lipoma but why is it mad and open and why wouldn’t it heal? The fact it’s moving independent to you makes me think it could by a type of skin cancer.’

Dr Sandra Lee numbs the area on Leonard’s left arm before cutting the mass out of his left arm (pictured)

The professional uses her fingers (above) to move inside the open wound as it’s ‘blunt’ and ‘safer’ compared to some medical equipment

While many viewers will be left feeling queasy after tonight’s episode, Dr Sandra Lee instead describes the lipoma (pictured) as ‘cute like a flower’ and ‘really pretty’

But, on Leonard’s return to the surgery a few weeks later, the biopsy result reveals that his bump is a non-malignant lipoma. 

Finally happy to operate, the expert numbs the area before cutting the enormous, multi-lobulated mass free from his arm. 

‘I’m going to use my finger to move around in here,’ Dr Sandra Lee tells him. ‘You know, it’s pretty cute. It’s like a flower. It’s really pretty.’

And while Leonard is delighted with the results, Dr Pimple Popper is pretty pleased with herself, too.

‘Leonard’s lipoma slipped out nice and easily, it really was the best case scenario,’ she enthuses. ‘I think I relaxed him a little. Maybe he even likes doctors just a little bit.’ 

Dr Pimple Popper airs at 9pm tonight on TLC

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