Makeup artist transforms himself into Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi

‘This is terrifying!’ Makeup artist, 25, stuns Instagram after transforming himself into Kylie Jenner’s baby daughter Stormi – and users can’t get over how ‘CREEPY’ the final look is

  • The tutorial was shared on Instagram by British makeup artist Elliot Joseph Rentz – better known as Alexis Stone  
  • Alexis, from Manchester, used makeup to complete a step-by-step tutorial as he transformed himself into Stormi Webster 
  • Since Alexis, who has also previously transformed himself and others into Kylie, uploaded the video on Tuesday, April 16, it has had more than 748,000 views 
  • More than 1,900 comments have also been shared on the video, as many can’t believe how the artist created the bizarre look 
  • Kylie, 21, and partner Travis Scott, 27, welcomed their first child Stormi, one, last February after keeping the pregnancy under wraps 

A makeup artist has gone viral after posting a tutorial that saw him transforming himself into Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi Webster using makeup.

British makeup artist Alexis Stone – also known as Elliot Joseph Rentz – shared the clip to Instagram on Tuesday, April 16, where it has garnered more than 748,000 views and over 1,900 comments.

The step-by-step tutorial shows Alexis using makeup to make himself look like the one-year-old child, and the end result is absolutely bizarre. 

Bizarre! U.K. based makeup artist Elliot Joseph Rentz – better known as Alexis Stone – shared a makeup tutorial that saw him transforming himself into Stormi Webster 

Step one: To begin the makeup artist, from Manchester, wore a bald cap and applied a full coverage foundation all over his face 

Progress: He then began using light shades to highlighted areas of the face and create depth, making ‘Stormi’s’ face come to life 

Similarly, his full-length YouTube video of the tutorial has garnered almost 300,000 views.

The video began with Alexis wearing a bald cap. His first step involved applying a full coverage foundation all over his face, neck, and the top of his head. 

He then highlighted certain areas on his face to create highlights and shadows using a light shade of cream concealer. 

Next, Alexis created a fake nose and mouth, using a brown shade of what looks like cream contour or eye shadow, on his own nose.

Meanwhile, he used skin-colored shades to create natural looking shadows on the face, as ‘Stormi’ came to life. 

After getting the basic features for Stormi’s face complete, Alexis carved out a face jaw line and chin using a deep brown shade.

This helped to disguise his own face, and made the his face appear to be almost half its actual size. 

Similarly, he used the brown shade to color in his head, covering the bald cap. 

Almost there: Coming to the end of the tutorial, Alexis shows off his progress so far as he let out a giggle 

He then created ‘hair’ by using stroking motions with his makeup brush on the top of his forehead. 

As the tutorial came to an end, Alexis adding some finishing touches – a light red shade of blush onto the apples of his cheeks and natural shading on his forehead.

He also created a set of fake thin eyebrows, and used a shading technique to add dimples to the edges of the fake mouth.

Finally, he put on a knit jumper to disguise his own neck, and the tutorial was complete. 

Since the video was uploaded, many of Alexis’ 800,000 followers have expressed their shock at the accuracy of the look.

One Instagram user commented on the tutorial, saying: ‘This is…. Terrifying’, while another added: ‘YOU ARE THE NEW LEVEL OF MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION.’

‘So creepy and creative,’ added another follower, while someone else said the artist is ‘underrated’. 

Voila! The makeup artist wore a sweater to show off the finished look. Since posting the video tutorial online, fellow Instagram users have been left baffled by the incredible look 

Like mother, like daughter: The makeup artist shared a photo of the finished Stormi Webster look alongside Kylie Jenner-inspired makeup look he also created 

Inspiration: Kylie, 21, who is pictured with daughter Stormi, has already been the subject of the makeup artist’s viral makeup transformations 

Despite his Stormi Webster tutorial going viral, it isn’t the first time the talented artist has transformed himself into someone else.

Last month, he posted a video tutorial as he transformed a friend of his into a Kylie Jenner lookalike. 

Woah! Alexis also previously transformed a friend of his into Kylie Jenner, leaving his 800,000 Instagram followers amazed with the accuracy of the look 

Sharing the video to YouTube, Alexis said: ‘Kylie Jenner’s new BFF does her makeup. Had fun transforming my girlfriend into Kylie, first time I’ve attempted a makeup transformation on someone else!’

The video saw Alexis contouring his friend’s face in order to replicate Kylie’s facial structure.

He then used a variety of products to achieve a makeup look similar to one regularly sported by the 21-year-old reality TV star. 

When he shared a photo of the finished result, commented piled in as people praised his incredible makeup skills. 

One Instagram user said: ‘This one looks TOO believable,’ and another joked: ‘That looks more like kylie than kylie looks like kylie.’

Similarly, one person added: ‘Oh wowwww I thought it was actually her lmao.’ 

The artist has also previously transformed himself into a number of celebrities and TV and movie characters, including Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber.  

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