Let Britain's best bartenders mix you a cocktail… in your own home

Let Britain’s best bartenders mix you a cocktail… in your own home: FEMAIL gives verdict on the best ready-to-pour drinks

  • People in the UK are having a late night at home because of the 10pm curfew 
  • Country’s top bartenders have begun selling pre-mixed cocktails for delivery 
  • Sudi Pigott gives her verdict on a selection of the best ready-to-pour drinks 

Thanks to the 10pm curfew, if you want a late night, you’ll have to spend it at home.

But you don’t have to sacrifice any of the glamour of your favourite cocktail bar. In fact, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the efforts of the country’s top bartenders in the comfort of your living room. That’s because they are now selling freshly made, pre-mixed cocktails for delivery.

So, are these ready-to-pour drinks really as good as any you’ll find in a swanky bar?

Sudi Pigott gives her verdict on a selection of the best ready-to-pour drinks (file image)

Sudi Pigott said Drinks Drop (pictured) has 20 cocktails from the menus of London and Manchester’s top bars


The Drinks Drop, £7.50 a pouch, thedrinksdrop.com

What is it? The Drinks Drop launched last month with 20 cocktails from the menus of London and Manchester’s top bars, including Hawksmoor and Swift. The recyclable pouches should go in the freezer before pouring.

Tastes like? Even as a non-whisky lover, I appreciated the peaty notes of the Brigadoon — a mix of Johnnie Walker Black Label, sour creme de apricot and orgeat, a sweet almond syrup. And the Trailer Daiquiri was a fruity, zingy riff on a classic cocktail. 9/10


The Cocktail Delivery Company, £12.49 for 250ml, thecocktaildelivery company.co.uk

Sudi said The Cocktail Delivery Company has a range of seasonal cocktails, revealing Fallen (pictured) is unlike any cocktail she’s ever tried 

What is it? A range of seasonal cocktails. I tried the apple-themed Fallen For You and the herby Thyme On Our Side. The eco-conscious brand uses leftover ingredients and the bottles arrive in recyclable packaging.

Tastes like? Fallen is a beautifully rounded cocktail made with Somerset cider brandy, bourbon, apple shrub (a tangy ‘drinking vinegar’ that adds zing) and ginger cordial. With rum warmth and a sticky caramel flavour, Thyme is unlike any cocktail I’ve tried. 8/10


Bottle Bar and Shop, £17 for a 200ml bottle, bottlebarandshop.com

Sudi revealed Bottle Bar and Shop offer cocktails with a retro feel and their margarita (pictured) is a grown-up pour 

What is it? Based in Catford, London, Bottle Bar offers nationwide delivery of handmade cocktails with a retro feel. I tried an Unfiltered Negroni and a margarita.

Tastes like? The grapefruit-infused vermouth in the negroni gives it just the right amount of zest and is as good as any I’ve had in a bar. My margarita is a grown-up pour, made using Don Julio silver tequila with citrus.10/10


Kocktail, £29 for a box of 4 x 200ml, kocktail.co.uk

Sudi said Kocktail is the work of Neil Donachie who is former senior bartender at The Savoy

What is it? Cocktails devised by Neil Donachie, former senior bartender at The Savoy. They include a Rose Paloma and a twist on a Mai Tai. Each bottle comes with the recipe so you can have a go later.

Tastes like? I adored the Paloma with essence of rose petals, tequila, fresh grapefruit, lime and soda, plus a sachet of rose salt for the rim of your glass. Tart and fragrant. 7/10


Espensen Spirit, £32 for six, espensenspirit.com

Sudi revealed Espensen Spirit offers quirky takes on classic cocktails, revealing her favourite is Harvey’s Breakfast 

What is it? Female founder Sam Espensen started out making fun drinks for friends and family. Now Espensen Spirit boasts a bottle shop in Bristol and a national delivery service. Its quirky takes on classic cocktails include a chocolate salted Tequila Old Fashioned and a jam-flavoured twist on a Breakfast Martini.

Tastes like? I love the warm richness of Harvey’s Breakfast, a martini with Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry, lemon juice, raspberry jam gin and marmalade. Bitter, citrusy and sweet — perfect for brunch. More of a digestif, Cholula’s Delight is made with Cazcabel Blanco Tequila, demerara syrup, rock salt and chocolate bitters. It avoids the cloying sweetness of most after-dinner cocktails with intense chocolate. 7/10


Asterley Brothers, £44.95 for 1 litre, asterleybros.com

Sudi said Asterley Brothers takes inspiration from 17th-century recipes, revealing The Rhubarb Negroni (pictured) is made using in-house vermouth

What is it? This South London business distills all its own spirits, taking inspiration from 17th-century recipes and making its own vermouth using UK Pinot Noir grapes. The select range includes two twists on the Negroni. To support the hospitality industry, it is giving 25 per cent of profits to the charity Drinks Trust.

Tastes like? The Rhubarb Negroni, made with in-house vermouth, Campari, bitter amaro and rhubarb gin is more tart than your average negroni, though the sophisticated flavours impress.7/10

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