LeBron James’ Wife Thrilled Tristan Thompson’s Been Benched: ‘ She’s Heartbroken For Khloe’

Another day, another game Tristan Thompson may not play in. Word has it, LeBron James’ wife is happy Tristan’s been benched, and we’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why she wants him to pay for cheating!

These days, it’s hard to find a person who’s not pissed at Tristan Thompson. Ever since his alleged infidelity came to light, things have been pretty bad for Tristan, and it’s even affected his career. In the last few NBA playoff games, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward has seen zero playing time, and many believe he’s been benched for cheating on Khloe Kardashian with multiple women while she was pregnant with their daughter True Thompson. And turns out, his teammate LeBron James’ wife Savannah is getting a kick out of it. “It really has nothing to do with Savannah but I know she’s more than happy Tristan has been benched,” a source close to Savannah tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Yikes!

“She’s on team Khloe all the way and feels like Tristan should pay a price for cheating on her. If LeBron was caught cheating the way Tristan was, she would hope he would get benched too even though he’s the best player in the league. Savannah’s heartbroken for Khloe and hopes she never has to pretend to be friendly with Tristan again. She would love to see him get traded off the team,” our source continued. Wow, we definitely didn’t see that coming! But, we don’t blame her. Tristan was pretty blatant with his affairs.

As we previously told you, he was spotted entering a hotel with Instagram model Lani Blair on April 7, and was caught on camera motor-boating not one, but TWO different women back in October. So, it’s kind of hard to have sympathy for him. However, we feel extremely terrible for Khloe who gave birth to their baby just two days after the scandal came out on April 12. Surprisingly, her sister Kim Kardashian broke her silence on the matter during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “Like I don’t even know how to describe it beside it’s just so f*cked up,” Kim told Ellen on the April 30 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And TBH, we agree.

On April 27, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be embarking on game 6 of the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers, and it’s safe to say Savannah will not be rooting for him!

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