Kids 'starting school in nappies and unable to socialise due to lockdowns'

KIDS started school in nappies and struggled to socialise due to Covid lockdowns, research revealed.

A study of more than 1,000 teachers found alarming levels of children behind for their age entering reception classes last year.

Half of kids were not ready to start school, according to the YouGov and early years foundation Kindred2 survey.

One teacher said: “Parents assume we will teach them to use the toilet.”

Clements Primary Academy, Haverhill, Suffolk, said it pays three full-time staff for nappy changing and “behaviour challenges”.

Over a third of teachers — 34% — said that their pupils were not ready to start school, an increase on the proportion who reported this in 2020 of 23%.

Tory MP Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee said: "Lockdown and schools closures have not just had a dramatic effect on school children in terms of the education, mental health, safeguarding risks and life chances, but also for younger children who haven’t even started school yet.

"Prioritisation must be given to early years support.

"There needs to be a catch-up programme specifically designed to support families and nurseries to teach children practical and social learning, as well as better support their educational development."

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