KFC launches mash and rice as sides but it's ditching Pepsi for its new fruit drinks

KFC is shaking up its menu by launching mash, rice and salad as sides, but it's also temporarily ditching Pepsi in some branches in favour of two new fruit drinks.

The biggest shake-up is the new sides that have launched permanently in all KFC restaurants across the UK and Ireland, and we expect them to cause a stir.

KFC customers have long complained about the food giant's soggy chips which, even after a new recipe, haven't yet satisfied fans.

But in good news for potato eaters, KFC has started selling mash made from real potatoes – and it is healthier than other carbs on the menu.

At 110 calories per portion, the mash has less than half the calories of a portion of regular fries at 250 calories.

The side is up for grabs for just £1.29.

For those that aren't keen on potatoes, there are two other new permanent sides, including a Southern rice dish and a garden salad.

KFC describes the rice dish as "mildly spicy colourful rice with veggies, providing a delicious lower calorie carb option".

While the salad is said to be "a fresh and crunchy garden salad with sweetcorn, tomatoes and buttermilk dressing, that also provides one of your five a day".

The rice contains 210 calories, while the garden salad could be a good option for any strict dieters at just 75 calories. These also cost £1.29 each.

An adult man should eat around 2,500 calories a day while it's 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.

The fast food chain is also trialling new sparkling drinks in two flavours – watermelon and lime and peach and honey.

But it's bad news for Pepsi fans as the low-calorie thirst quenchers are replacing the drink at the 40 stores they're rolled out in until September, although KFC wouldn't say which ones.

Both drinks contain just 10 calories, and they'll set you back £1.19 for 300ml.

The watermelon flavour comes with 1.5g of sugar while the peach flavour has a slightly higher content at 2.1g.

But it's nothing in comparison to Pepsi as one regular-sized drink (330ml) contains a whopping 130 calories and 31.8g of sugar.

KFC has more than 900 branches in the UK – you can find your nearest store using its branch finder tool.

Just last week, KFC launched a vegan chicken burger and it tastes just as good as the real deal.

But it has also axed its burritos and replaced them with new Twister wraps- and customers aren't happy.

Foodies can currently get 20 of its hot chicken wings for just £6 at the fast food chain, down from £9.99.

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