Keo Motsepe From ‘DWTS’ Spills On ‘Athletes’ Premiere: ‘So Many Emotions’ — EXCLUSIVE

‘DWTS’ is back, and pro Keo Motsepe is telling us EXACTLY what it’s like behind-the-scenes with a weekly, exclusive vlog!

Keo Motsepe, 28, is one of our favorite pros on Dancing With The Stars, and now, he is spilling to what it’s actually like to be on the show! Keo recorded a vlog exclusively for after the premiere on April 30. “Guys, amazing news! I’ll be doing a vlog for HollywoodLife! The show was amazing yesterday. Thank you for tuning in, thank you for voting, thank you for keeping me and Jennie on the show. Let’s make the finals! Let’s do that awesome freestyle that I am dreaming [about]! You’ll be happy, trust me! Yesterday’s show was amazing, it was fun, it was full of emotions. Jennie was so good, she came out like a rockstar. I’m proud of her. Now, she’s been on the stage, she saw the judges, the audience, she performed, and she understands. Now, game on. Let’s bring it on!”

Last night, after the first show, Keo’s partner Jennie Finch Daigle told reporters including, “Week one is done so I am really happy to be able to do this for another week and to partner up with Keo. Now it is time to look forward to our next challenge, right? That dance is done and now it is time to move to another dance, something different.” Jennie and Keo were joined by Jennie’s three kids at the end of their premiere dance. “I really wanted this to be able to portray who I was, with the song and to have my kids involved — it couldn’t have been more special. It was perfect. It was pitch perfect, Team Pitch Perfect!”

Keo added, “So many emotions, so many emotions happened today. The first week, the first dance, the audience, and the judges and the kids on with us.” So special!

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