Keith Urban Romantically Serenades Nicole Kidman As They Perform Surprise Duet

Could Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman be any more adorable? The couple surprised fans at a Spotify event in Nashville, where they performed a sweet duet of his hit, ‘Parallel Lines’ on April 24!

There’s a reason, or about 50, as to why Keith Urban 50,  and Nicole Kidman, 50, are Hollywood’s most beloved couple. They support one another, Keith writes Nicole love letters [seriously], and now, they’ve proved they can create sweet music together! The two teamed up for a surprise duet for an exclusive crowd in Nashville at a Spotify Fans First event on April 23. Keith, standing with his guitar in hand, and Nicole, sitting down, equipped with a mic, performed a special version of his hit, “Parallel Line”. The Australian couple delivered an acoustic performance that swept fans off their feet. And, it’s not everyday that Academy Award winning actress, Nicole Kidman puts on a mini concert. Is there anything she can’t do? — Watch the sweet performance below!

The duet seemed unplanned as Nicole was sitting in the audience at the beginning of Keith’s set. He then pointed her out in the audience, to which she acted shy and hid for a moment, according to Taste of Country. When she knew she had been spotted by everyone, Nicole finally raised her hand in the air before Keith invited her up on stage. Although Nicole seemed shy, the crowd cheered her on, and then the couple began singing the chorus to his romantic tune. At the end of their duet, Nicole put her head in her hands as she smiled. Her husband then yelled, “You did it though!” to the obvious approval of the fans. The Spotify event was to promote Keith’s new album, Graffiti U, which is available on Friday, April 27.

Let’s get back to those love letters, as mentioned earlier. It’s true, Keith really does pen love letters to Nicole. “For every single night he’s away, he leaves me a love letter,” Nicole, who’s been married to Keith for 12 years, told In Style magazine in March 2014. “Every single night of our relationship.” Now, that’s a lot of paper, a lot of ink, and a lot of feelings.

Nicole later admitted that she too writes Keith “things.” — “I write him things too!” she told Ellen DeGeneres, 60, in October of 2014, after the host asked about Keith’s letters. “He doesn’t write them every single day. When we’re apart, we do that, yeah. I have to say, I love saying this because he should be just adored.”

Nicole and Keith share two daughters together, Sunday Rose, 9, and Faith Margaret, 7.

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