Kathy Griffin Nails The Hypocrisy Of Critics Calling On Michelle Wolf To Apologize

Kathy Griffin issued a staunch defense of Michelle Wolf to critics who are calling on the comedian to apologize for her roast at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Wolf’s performance, a brutal takedown of several officials and journalists both present in the room and not, has won praise and sparked outrage. Some high-profile members of the media, including Fox News’ Ed Henry and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, have called on Wolf to apologize for her remarks, particularly those about White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

In a series of messages posted to Twitter, Griffin said such calls were “absurd,” pointing out that the comedian was hired to perform a roast. Griffin also noted that the mainstream press does not regularly call on President Donald Trump to apologize for his more outrageous lies and remarks. 

“So journalists are willing to demand that a comic hired to roast people apologize but they aren’t willing to demand that Trump or his staff apologize to people?” Griffin tweeted. “Is that where we’re at now? Can someone explain the difference to me?”

Wolf responded to some of her critics Sunday, reminding them that her jokes about Sanders attacked her behavior as the White House press secretary, not her physical appearance as many have concluded. 

Griffin added to Wolf’s comments, saying Sanders was specifically attending the dinner to represent Trump, who skipped the event to host a campaign-style rally among his supporters.

“Stop acting like @michelleisawolf showed up at the playground and started making fun of Sarah Sanders in front of her children,” Griffin tweeted. “Sarah was there representing Trump, on the dais, at an event with a professional comic who was hired to do a roast.”

Take a look at Griffin’s full response in the tweets below:

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