Kamil’s ‘BiP’ Experience Is Already Less Cringeworthy Than His Time With Becca

You may not remember this male model who hails from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, because well, he didn’t make it past the first night in the mansion. It’s kind of a miracle that he made it past the limo entrance, considering his was really, really off-putting. But now, Kamil is on Bachelor in Paradise, where he will hopefully take advantage of his shot at redemption. So, what happened to Kamil on The Bachelorette?

Although his history on TV, time-wise, is minimal compared to some of the other suitors, Kamil has managed to consistently use his seconds in the spotlight to stir things up. In an attempt at a memorable first impression with Becca, he refused to walk all the way up to her after getting out of the limo. "I truly feel in relationships, it’s important for us to meet halfway," he said on the show, motioning for her to walk toward him. Becca emphasized the importance of 50-50 effort in a relationship, and Kamil suggested 60-40. Becca was unimpressed and left him rose-less at the end of the night.

To make matters worse, viewers rolled their eyes at his self-proclaimed title as a "social media participant," according to his bio, which he used as an umbrella term for his esteemed online presence that hosts his multiple career endeavors, including modeling, realty, and fitness coaching. Why didn’t he just use one of those titles? Who knows.

And he made sure to make up for lost time on The Bachelorette on "Men Tell All" at the end of the season. "First of all, some people are just basic models," Kamil said to Jordan, after Christian referred to Kamil as a "real" model. "You come to New York, you’ll kinda be swimming in a big river." Jordan, who is from Florida, gave him a prompt "F*ck you," and Kamil’s jaw visibly shuddered with anger. Cringe.

So, with all that said, you might be wondering if things will be different for Kamil in Paradise. Unfortunately, considering his feature in the Season 5 Bachelor in Paradise trailer, he still gets into trouble — with witchcraft, apparently.

"Every single time I make eye contact with her, it’s like this evil stare," Kamil says in the trailer, referring to Shushanna from Ben’s season of The Bachelor. Then Shu is spotted crying. "Someone told her I’m a witch," she says. "And I’m gonna put a spell on Kamil." And then the camera pans to a picture of Kamil’s face going up in flames. Whether or not Kamil is actually cursed is unclear (of course not), however, he’s reunited with model rival Jordan, which is bound to bring some territorial drama down in Mexico.

One can only hope there is light at the end of this weird tunnel that has been Kamil’s reality TV tenure so far. And by the looks of it, that light could be Annaliese. After entering paradise as the new hot commodity, date card in hand, Kamil swept her off her feet like the guy she’s been waiting for. The two of them went go-karting (one of Annaliese’s many fears — how romantic?) and got busy behind a waterfall. So Kamil might have redeemed himself after all.

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