Jonathan Van Ness’ Response To A Troll Who Called Him "Ugly" & "A Mess" Is An Epic Clapback

When I die, let me come back to this earth as Jonathan Van Ness. The Queer Eye star is not only changing lives one face moisturizer and hair pomade at a time, he’s also won the heart of Americans everywhere. Though his optimism, catch-phrases, and undying enthusiasm would put anyone else dangerously close to "too much" territory, Van Ness effortlessly walks the line without ever teetering into FAKE territory. He’s authentic. He’s energetic. He’s, by every standard, fabulous. Jonathan Van Ness’ response to a troll who called him "ugly" and a "mess" after his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is just one of the many examples of how this star keeps his cool and practices what he so often preaches: Live with love and do it with great hair.

Van Ness popped by the WWHL clubhouse on Sunday, March 24, where he chatted with host Andy Cohen about being cast in the iconic new feel-good series. During the interview, he shared a truly terrifying story about a date gone wrong after the casting process and playfully bantered with Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak about collaborating on a wig line together. Easy-breezy, lovely stuff, you know how it goes.

After the show, however, one commenter took it upon themselves to publicly blast Van Ness and his appearance, and did so on WWHL’s Instagram account. Very weirdly enough, the nasty insult came from a person named Zachary Morad, a cast member of Bravo’s series Welcome To Waverly, which boasts the summary: "Welcome to Waverly sets out to break down the walls between cities, small towns and diverse cultures." Hm…

Morad wrote: "This sidepart is the ugliest effing thing I’ve ever seen … expect for the mustache. This clowns a mess."

Van Ness, being the lover-not-the-fighter that he is, clapped back at Morad by opening with love and adding just a touch of diva to the end. He commented back:

In a really amazing plot twist, it looks like Van Ness really got through to Morad.

Following their back and forth, Morad posted a long-winded apology on his Instagram account, tagging Van Ness, Bravo WWHL, and Commentsbycelebs who picked up the exchange. As part of his apology, he said:

Morad concluded, "The only wrong people are the ones who can’t admit when they are wrong. Please continue to spread your love and light, today has absolutely taught me a lesson and inspired me to do the same. #PositiveVibesOnly."

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the magic of Jonathan Van Ness. Love you, gorg.

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