John Cena: How He’s Spending His First Birthday Since Nikki Bella Split — Is He Thinking Of Her?

John Cena just turned 41 on Apr. 23, his first birthday in six years without sweetie Nikki Bella. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on if he’s thinking about his former fiancée.

After his heartbreaking split from Nikki BellaJohn Cena is spending his 41st birthday on April 23 without a lady in his life. Ever the pro that he is, he’s not letting any hurt show and is burying himself in his work. “John is going to make his first public appearance this Friday in Saudi Arabia and he doesn’t want anyone to feel bad for him. After the break up with Nikki its been all business,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. On May 4 in Saudi Arabia will be The Greatest Royal Rumble on the WWE Network, where John will be having an epic match against rival Triple H and it is beyond hugely anticipated.

“He has made sure to surround himself with work to not think about Nikki. John is really preparing for his match and hasn’t really given himself time to mourn the relationship, but that is how he deals with painful moments in his life. He covers it with picking up the work to replace a chance to deal with emotions. It will be nice for him to be in the ring to continue to get away from it all,” our insider continues.

John and Nikki were scheduled to marry in a destination wedding on May 5 before the couple dropped the shocking news on April 15 that not only was the ceremony off, their entire six-year romance was done! WWE fans were left devastated, especially since John made his grand proposal in the ring at on Apr. 2, 2017 at Wrestlemania 33 after the two fought and crushed The Miz and Maryse. Hopefully John will be able to take out some of his heartbreak in the ring when he takes on Triple H. It will be the first time that the two superstars and legendary rivals have met in the ring since 2010 and will likely get the attention back on John’s prolific WWE career and not the heartbreak in his personal life.

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