Jeremy Vine rages as parenting expert says children shouldn’t do what they don’t want to

Jeremy Vine discusses ‘bribing’ children with parenting expert

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Jeremy Vine welcomed panelists as they discussed whether or not parents should bribe their children. However, the presenter did not appear happy as a parenting expert shared their verdict.

Many parents have felt the struggles of looking after young children and homeschooling while being in lockdown and working from home.

Speaking on the Channel 5 show today, Jeremy Vine discussed whether or not it is ok to bribe children.

One parenting expert shared some advice on parenting young children.

Expert Jane Evans stated parents should not bribe their children.

When asked if she agreed with bribing, she told the presenter: “It doesn’t respect them.

“Bribing them for your needs and your wishes and what you want from it isn’t [allowing] the ability to know what they want from it and what they want or don’t want.”

The expert continued to say parents should encourage their children to connect to their feelings.

“When we send them out into the online world but also the wide physical world, we need them to be very connected to how they feel about stuff,” Jane added.

“Rather than that being overridden by an external motivation so they don’t check in with themselves. Quite frankly that’s quite dangerous.”

The expert suggested children should be made aware of how they feel in situations rather than doing things because of “external motivations”.

However host Jeremy was quick to question whether that would work when they are in the working world.

He replied: “I’ve got so much to ask you. Firstly, most jobs are boring and they may well end up with a boring job.

“Then if they check in with themselves and their own inner soul tells them they shouldn’t be working they will just head home.

“And they’ve got to have a bit more stickability, don’t they?”

However, Jane quickly responded to say her suggestions will help children pick work they enjoy in the future.

“It’s not about stickability,” she replied, “we can end up in jobs where in the end we get stressed and sick.

“So if we raise children to [check in with themselves], it doesn’t mean they won’t seek jobs but they’ll seek jobs they do enjoy.”

The expert continued to share why she believed bribery does not work with children.

Instead, she suggested turning tasks “into a game” and being honest with children.

Jane concluded: “Turn it into a game, you don’t need sweets to bribe them up a hill.

“It’s a more honest, authentic connection with your children rather than ‘here is something you will get if you bend to my will.'”

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