Japanese woman living in the US reveals cultural DATING differences

‘I was freaking out!’ Japanese woman living in the US goes viral after revealing the MAJOR dating difference between two cultures that left her feeling ‘so disrespected’ by app match

  • Yumeka Umemori, 21, has been documenting her life in New York on TikTok
  • She shared how she met a guy who invited her over to his house after five dates 
  • His family was there, but then he told her he just wanted to be friends 

A Japanese exchange student has opened up about the cultural differences of dating in America after a man she was seeing invited her over to his house to meet his family — and then told her he just wanted to be friends. 

Yumeka Umemori, 21, who is attending college in New York, has been documenting her study abroad experience on TikTok, where she has more than 160,000 followers. 

She recently went viral after opening up about a baffling dating mishap that never would have happened to her back home in Japan. 

‘Did you know we don’t really have a “talking stage” in Japan? But we do in America, right?’ she said. ‘So I was kind of ready to experience some cultural differences in terms of dating.’

Yumeka Umemori, 21, a Japanese exchange student attending college in New York, went viral after documenting the the cultural differences of dating in America

She explained a guy she had met on a dating app had invited her to his house after about five dates, and she was shocked to see that his parents and grandmother were there 

After giving her mixed signals, he told her that he was focusing on himself and didn’t want ‘anything super serious’ – even though his dating profile said he was ‘looking for a relationship’

Umemori explained that she started going out with a guy she met on an online dating app, and they had ‘hung out like five times’ when he invited her to his home for the first time. 

She agreed to come over because ‘he was nice’ and they ‘were having fun,’ but she was stunned when she arrived and saw that his parents and grandmother were there. 

‘I was freaking out because in Japan this doesn’t happen that much,’ she said. ‘If you do this in Japan, it’s like you’re marrying that person or you’re in a real serious relationship with that person.’

Umemori said she had to remind herself she was in the US, where this is probably normal behavior and ‘not a big deal.’  

‘So I calmed myself down and introduced myself to his family. They were all nice,’ she recalled. ‘His dad even asked me if I am thinking of coming back to America, so that I can stay with [his son] longer.’

They had never defined their relationship, but the situation led her to believe he was more serious about her than she had originally thought.  

‘I didn’t really ask him what we are or anything, but we were not in a relationship, she said. ‘I was pretty happy about it — until I found out that he just wanted to be “friends” with me.

‘I was like, “Excuse me?” Like I didn’t get mad or anything. I was just curious. Like what was he thinking about the whole time?’

Umemori felt ‘so disrespected’ that he had ‘lied’ to her about his intentions. She blocked him, but then she decided to ‘use him for a bit’

She went out with him two more times to use him for his car, and all of a sudden, he was interested in being in a relationship with her again 

Umemori told him she wasn’t interested, but she was baffled by the experience. ‘Like how are you guys doing?’ she asked 

Umemori’s video has been viewed more than 542,000 times, and a number of commenters noted that she got the ‘real American dating experience’ 

Umemori explained that they were sitting on the couch when he told her he was focusing on himself and didn’t want ‘anything super serious’ because he was insecure about his past relationships. 

She noted that on the dating app where they had met, he had put that he was ‘looking for a relationship.’ She felt ‘so disrespected’ that he had ‘lied’ to her about his intentions. 

‘I blocked him and I hated him, but like I had this second thought, “Why don’t I use him for a bit?”‘ she said. ‘So I decided to use him as a transportation system because he had a car. I’m not a b***h like this, but this time I was p****d.’   

Umemori said she started texting him again, and they hung out two more times after her disastrous visit to his house.  

‘The last time before I was leaving, he was like, “You know, we’ve been hanging out pretty long, and I was thinking of asking you if you wanna become my girlfriend or something,”‘ she recalled. ‘And I said, “No.” 

‘I’m like, “Okay, I’m gonna become friends with guys first, and I’m gonna become more than friends after that.” But like how are you guys doing? I don’t know.’

Umemori’s video has been viewed more than 542,000 times since it was posted on January 29 and has received over 1,000 comments. 

Many people noted that she got an authentic American dating experience. 

‘That’s the real US dating experience lol,’ one person wrote, while someone else added, ‘You had the real American dating experience.’ 

‘So when a person says that they aren’t looking for anything serious, they just mean nothing serious WITH YOU,’ another clarified. 

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