Inside the smallest house in the UK that's just 72inches wide and needs specially made furniture

THE smallest house in Britain is just 72inches wide and only specially made furniture can fit through its tiny door.

The property in Conwy, North Wales, which is just 122inches tall and only has two rooms, recently had its first makeover in 400 years.

The UK's smallest house, which is open to tourists from March until October, has been passed down through the same family for more than 130 years.

It is rumoured to be so small that the last tenant – a 6ft 3in fisherman – would poke his feet out of the window as he slept.

He called the tiny house home until 1900 when it was declared unfit for habitation.

The owner at the time, Robert Jones, saved the property from demolition by measuring small houses across the UK to check if his was the tiniest.

It was found to be the smallest and was inducted into the Guinness Book of Records in the early 1920s.

Now it attracts more than 55,000 visitors each year.

Previously, there was just enough room for a single bed, a fireplace and a coal bunker – but now the owner has also squeezed in a sofa.

The seat had to be specially made by sofa firm Snug and was delivered in pieces in order to fit through the door.

Jan Tyley, the current owner and Robert's great, great granddaughter, said she was "amazed" they managed to get the sofa into the downstairs room – which is the lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

Jan said: "We have people from all over the world coming to visit, and I'm delighted we can add another chapter to the house's story – the year the house got its first ever sofa!"

The trend of building homes in the tiny spaces continues today.

One of the UK's smallest flats recently sold for a whopping £325,000 – despite being the size of a garden shed.

The 128 sq ft London apartment's hefty price tag is due to it being just a stone’s throw from Harrods and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

Earlier this year England's thinnest house – measuring just 1.6 metres wide at its narrowest point – went on sale for £950,000.

The former Victorian hat shop in Shepherd's Bush, West London, is just 24ft long – shorter than half a tennis court.

In January, a 9ft wide house in Cardiff went on the market for £200,000 – and it even had two bedrooms.

However, there are rules and regulations in place to stop small houses getting overcrowded.

A home is overcrowded by law if two people aged 10 or over and of a different sex have to sleep in the same room, according to housing charity Shelter.

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