Influencers rent gold-plated loo roll & diamond masks to flaunt during pandemic

Social media influencers often like to show off with the most luxurious and expensive products to impress their online followings.

And businessman Mark Pugachev makes sure that happens for them.

Mark owns business Pugachev Luxury Service – with the firm's services ranging from renting luxury cars, as well as loaning out yachts, luxury apartments and even helicopters.

However, he has opened up about some rather strange requests during the coronavirus pandemic.

While some people have been renting diamond masks to protect against the virus, others have demanded gold-plated toilet paper.

Talking about his services, Mark said: "People like to be exclusive and use things that others could never use."

He added: "I like to offer everything that makes my clients' dreams come true.

"They want to spend the way they think they deserve so we even have gold-plated toilet paper."

The gold-plated toilet roll is produced by the designers of the Pugachev concierge – and it's exclusively created for each client.

Meanwhile, the diamond masks are made with the most luxurious precious stones, including Swarovski crystals.

Talking about the face masks, Mark added: "Our customers love it, it's important to be chic and protected at the same time".

Many influencers have been criticised for their luxurious trips to Dubai during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Love Island stars Laura Anderson, Kaz Crossley and Anton Danyluk have all been to the holiday hotspot recently.

But they've reportedly lost thousands of fans after flaunting their jet-setting ways online as fed-up Brits have unfollowed them on Instagram.

Reports claim the three have been unfollowed by 33,000 people on Instagram.

Laura, 31, recently caused outrage by moaning it was “really hard” being an influencer while in sun-drenched Dubai.

How the other half live…

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