Influencer shares deleted pics to show how your body shape can change in seconds

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Social media star Bree Lenehan has taken to her Instagram page to show how your body can look different in photos taken seconds apart.

The body positive beauty shared snaps that influencers would post and compared to ones they'd usually delete so that her fans could see the difference.

The 'posted' photos often saw her sporting a svelte frame and happy expression.

While some of the 'deleted' pictures saw the Australian star's curves on full show.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "What you see online VS what *usually* gets deleted… but not here.

"Health & fitness isn’t just 6 packs, chiseled biceps, toned legs & a round peach!

"It’s also stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin & skin folds/rolls.

"For me, when I was at my leanest, I still had the cellulite, stretch marks, etc."

She added: "You are here for a reason… To love, to connect, to adventure… You are NOT here to simply look & be perfect, whatever that is.

"So please, don’t focus on what other people’s bodies look like or what they may think of yours.

"Do focus on the things you like about yourself.

"Don’t wait for who you 'could be' in order to love yourself. You’re wonderful, right now."

Fans were loving the post, with it racking up more than 64,000 likes.

One gushed: "Your existence is a blessing to so many! Keep shining and radiating positivity and self love."

While another added: "Started wearing shorts to the gym and loving it thanks to you, don't stop what you're doing!"

A third chimed in: "These have the greatest positive impact on me!"

While a fourth exclaimed: "We just love you."

Bree hit headlines last month with a similar post, as she showed how 'weight gain' is easily hidden by influencers in their online pictures.

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