I'm worried I'll end up a crazy cat lady as I've never had a relationship

DEAR DEIDRE: SERIOUS relationships have always eluded me and I am worried I am going to end up a crazy cat lady.

I am almost 37, and I’m the last singleton in my group of friends.

I have dated plenty of guys but it’s never lasted more than three months.

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They are never ready for anything serious.

My friends are constantly pushing dating apps, but I hate the thought of being judged on my looks alone.

Lockdown hasn’t helped – living alone and working from home means I didn’t see anyone properly for months.

Now I’m not sure I would know what to say if I met a man I fancied.

I even took a second job as a takeaway delivery driver just so I could speak to people and get used to interacting with strangers again.

DEIDRE SAYS: As bars, restaurants and clubs are opening up, there will be plenty of people, like you, looking to date – just try to be patient for a little longer.

And don’t write off dating apps, as they can be a great way to get to know someone slowly, without the pressure of a physical date.

I’m also sending you my support pack Widening Your Social Scene to help.

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