‘I’m called thick due to OnlyFans job but want to do law – I’m hot and brainy’

Former glamour model Carla Bellucci recently announced her intention to quit OnlyFans – and she has now revealed she will study law at university instead.

The mum-of-four, who has taken inspiration from Kim Kardashian, said being a lawyer has been a dream of hers since she was little.

And Carla said gaining a degree will prove those who call her a “thick slapper” wrong.

Speaking to Daily Star, the 40-year-old said: “I’ve wanted to study law ever since I can remember.

“It has always been a passion of mine but I just got side-tracked with having a family young – but I have the time to study now.

“I don’t think I had the self-belief until now even though I got the grades in school. But I’ve watched Kim Kardashian do it and for me that’s inspirational. It gave me the kick to think I can too.

“Being in my 40s now I feel a bit invincible and the timing feels right with me slowing down the OnlyFans stuff.”

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian began her four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm in 2018.

She passed her baby bar exam last December and will hope to become an official lawyer this year.

Now Carla – once dubbed Britain’s most hated woman for blagging a nose job by faking depression – hopes to begin her own journey in September.

She has started the application process and wants to go to a university in London.

Her previous jobs include a stint at Babestation and Carla believes her law pursuits will surprise her critics.

“People say I’m a thick slapper and a nobody,” she said. “They actually know nothing about me because anyone that is close to me knows I’m the biggest geek but as soon as go down the glamour model route you are labelled as thick.

“You can be hot and have a brain cell. I will prove people wrong but I’m doing this for myself.

“It’s what I want and I am the kind of person who goes and gets what they want.”

Carla lives in Hitchin, Herts, and has a particular interest in America’s death row system.

And asked what she hopes to achieve in future, she said: “I don’t know where I will go with it but if I come out with a law degree I will be happy. That will be a big achievement for me.

“As for being an actual lawyer, why not? I think I would be a great lawyer.”

During the pandemic Carla earned up to £40,000 a month on OnlyFans – but in May she confirmed she was leaving the saucy platform by Christmas.

Explaining why, she said: “I’m just done and I want to go out with a bang and not go out really old.

“I want to go out while I’m still on top.

“I am getting older and you do think how long you can keep going for.”

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