‘I’m called "posh Karen" at work – but haters zip mouths when I take off suit’

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    A woman hit back at colleagues who branded her a "posh Karen" – by showing them what's beneath her suit.

    The professional, 33, who lives in Lincolnshire, is often mistaken for something she's not due to her formal office attire.

    But, she shocked her old work mates by ditching the smart grey clothing.

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    Self-titled Mrs Inked UK is covered in tattoos but hides them away during the 9-5 – much to her colleagues' surprise.

    The mum-of-two's passion for body modification is not always easy to spot even though at least 45% of her skin is covered.

    And many are surprised she's so inked-up given her "posh" accent and formal office job.

    Mrs Inked UK, who prefers to keep her name anonymous, feels the need to hide her tattoos in interviews.

    She is concerned people would "judge" purely based on her appearance – and not her ability to do the job.

    "I have a little posh accent because I'm from south of England but moved to Lincolnshire at 14," she exclusively told Daily Star.

    "People see me in my work suits and clothes and automatically think I'm posh and snobby but when they see me in my gym clothes and or normal clothes, they always question why I would decide to have so many tattoos.

    "I was known in a previous job as a 'posh chav'.

    "Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that's fine but don't judge people before you get to know them which is why I cover all my tattoos at interviews, because people do judge and you have to make a great impression to secure the position.

    "People with tattoos can bring high value to businesses, they are artistic, organised, methodical and can handle stressful period for prolonged time."

    The tattooed lass now works in sales & customer service – and has found her new workmates are a lot more accepting of her Clark Kent-esque appearance.

    Instead of labelling her a "posh chav" or even a "Karen", her colleagues were both encouraging and "shocked" at what she had hiding under her work clobber.

    "At my new job, they have been amazing, they are the most unjudgmental people I have met, they were just shocked and surprised when they found out about my tattooed and asked loads of questions," Mrs Inked UK said.

    "I'm about 45% covered [in tattoos], I've lost count. I have full side and bum tattoo of roses. Full leg and hip, Full sleeve, and working on the other arm."

    Although, the formal work attire is not the only thing that caused a skewed opinion of the parent.

    She believes she's 'breaking down barriers' with pensioners at the gym who judged her personality on her many tattoos.

    "The best comment I received was from a retired gentleman at my local gym", Mrs Inked UK shared.

    "We struck up a conversation one day about how the weather this winter killed all our plants.

    "Every time we saw each other we always talked about gardening then one day he said 'I would have never guessed your personality on your appearance, you're such a lovely person' it's just lovely to break down barriers and stereotypes.

    "Prejudices come from both sides, people that know me for my tattoos are shocked that I work in management but people that know me as office girl 'Karen' they are shocked I have tattoos, it works both ways and I love that!!"


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