Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth Just 48 Hours Apart at Same Texas Hospital

A pair of identical twin sisters have a lot more in common than just their genes — they're now both also moms to newborns, born less than two days apart in the same hospital.

Kehinde Adedayo and Taiwo Aluko have been by each other's sides their whole lives; they were born together in Nigeria, and have lived in Texas for the last nine years, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth said in a news release.

When they both discovered in early April that they were pregnant, they even had similar ideas as to how they'd share the happy news.

"I wanted to surprise Kehinde and have my little girl bring her the positive pregnancy test when she was least expecting it," Aluko said in the release. "Little did we know, she had the very same surprise planned for me when her 2-year-old son brought me the positive test at the same time that evening!"

Adedayo said that once they got over the initial surprise, the sisters were thrilled to have each other to lean on.

"We were both shocked and so excited to go through this journey together," she said.

Adedayo gave birth to 7-lb., 21.5-oz. Zoey Adedayo on Sunday at 9:24 p.m. at Texas Health Southwest. A little less than 48 hours later, Tony Aluko made his entrance into the world on Tuesday at 1:24 a.m., weighing 7 lbs., 20 oz.

Shelby Jones, a nurse in the hospital's mother/baby unit, said watching the sisters share in the thrill of becoming new moms was particularly special considering the number of coronavirus restrictions that in recent months have prevented moms from having their family members visit them and their babies in the hospital.

"It's rewarding to serve as an extension of people's families during the pandemic," Jones said in the release.

Both Adedayo and Aluko live with their families in Arlington, and the sisters plan to raise their children together.

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