I watched the ABC’s Reef Live – and I’ve been spawned anew

Prior to this weekend, I confess – and a shameful confession it is too – I had devoted precious little of my life to even considering the sex life of coral, let alone observing it. For the drastic turnaround the last few days have wrought, we have the national broadcaster to thank, for it was on the ABC, on Friday and Sunday nights, that Australia was privileged to view Reef Live, a close-up look at coral spawning that expanded our knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef, the wonders of the natural world, and, perhaps more than anything, ourselves. I know that I will never be the same after watching it – in a way, it feels like I’ve been spawned, anew, by the coral.

There was much scientific explication of this on the program, but nothing brought home the beauty and majesty of spawning like simply watching it.

Reef Live has given me a far deeper appreciation for the beauty and fragility of life on earth, as well as how much better coral is to watch and listen to than human beings. Long may the underwater splendour form the backbone of our viewing habits.

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