‘I was too scared to eat potatoes but now 10million people watch my food vids’

Businesswoman and social media star Eloise Head used to have such a bad relationship with food that she wouldn't even eat potatoes.

However, she's now become the most-followed foodie female on social media thanks to her innovative Fitwaffle videos.

The self-taught baker started posting short clips to Instagram and TikTok of her tasty recipes during lockdown under the Fitwaffle brand.

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And her popularity exploded – with her now boasting 10million followers across her social media accounts.

However, despite posting and enjoying sweet treats these days, the 28-year-old has revealed a secret battle with food when she was back in her teens.

Eloise developed a poor relationship with food that had her on an extreme 'clean eating' programme – to the extent she would exclude all foods such as white potatoes and all processed foods. This was coupled with high levels of cardiovascular exercise.

Opening up to Daily Star in an exclusive chat, Eloise said she was "obsessed" with clean eating.

However, she said she overcame it by learning all about nutrition.

"I did a personal training course where learnt about nutrition for health, fuelling my body for exercise, and how to enjoy all foods in moderation," she said.

"My obsession with restricting foods and ‘clean eating’ turned into an obsession with learning about nutrition.

"I stumbled across something called ‘flexible dieting’ and I started to track my macronutrients, which allowed me to remove the moral value that I once gave food.

"It helped me to understand that all foods are okay in moderation and that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – some foods are lower in calories and higher in nutrients, whilst some are higher in calories and lower in nutrients, but neither of them should have a moral value or make you feel guilty for eating them."

These days, Eloise posted videos of super-tasty treats you can create at home, such as Nutella white chocolate cake balls, Homemade Biscoff Twix bars and Milkybar stuffed pancakes.

Sharing her favourite ever recipe, she said: "My favourite is the Cinnamon Apple Cake. It’s a soft and fluffy traybake cake, packed with a buttery cinnamon swirl, chunks of juicy cinnamon apples, and topped with a sweet glaze.

"It’s best served fresh and warm and it’s so incredibly moist. The recipe is in my first book ‘Fitwaffle’s Baking It Easy’."

As well as her previous book, Sunday Times best-selling author Louise has also just released a new book – 'Baked in One', which is out now.

This has 100 easy cakes and bakes that can all be made in the same tin.

However, Eloise says she's not done there as she told Daily Star she'd like to write a third book.

Talking about more plans for the Fitwaffle brand, she added: "I would also like to continue building my website and expand my brand inside and outside of social media. It would be amazing to hire my first employee this year.

"I plan to continue to use my voice and platform to help others to understand that you can enjoy all foods in moderation and still live a healthy lifestyle."


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