I was relieved my cheating boyfriend left me but now I think I'm pregnant

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend dumped me recently and to be honest, I was relieved.

But now I think I might be pregnant. I’m 22, he’s 26 and we had been together for three years.

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He was a terrible boyfriend. He’d cancel our plans at the last minute to go to the pub with the lads and he always forgot our anniversary.

Although his worst offence by far was sending snapchats to other girls. I caught him in the act three times.

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I always gave him another chance. I guess I didn’t want to feel it had all been a waste of time.

But he finally dumped me last month by text. Now my period is six days late and I’m worried I’m pregnant with his child.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You can buy a pregnancy test from a pharmacy but it might be best to contact your GP as they will be able to test even if you are in the very early stages.

You can talk through all your different options with an expert, so reach out to Brook (brook.org.uk).

If you decide to continue with your pregnancy, your ex-boyfriend has a financial obligation to the child, so do let him know.

My support pack, Unplanned Pregnancy?, sets out your options. Do talk to someone who you trust for continued support. Good luck.

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