I tested supermarket tortilla chips against Doritos – the winner costs £1 a bag | The Sun

DORITOS is a household favourite crisp, perfect for dipping or covered in cheese – but you'll pay a price for the brand.

A large sharing bag will set you back more than £2 in some supermarkets.

As the price of getting your big shop in is soaring, households might be wondering whether to switch to cheaper versions.

Customers are paying £788 a year more due to rising costs, according to latest figures from market research firm Kantar.

Many supermarkets have produced cheaper own brand tortilla chips – but do they taste as good?

We asked mum-of-three Lynsey Hope, 41, from West Malling, Kent, to find out.

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Here's how the chips fared:

Asda Just Essentials Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips (180g)

  • 43p
  • 23.9p per 100g

Lynsey says: "One of the cheapest bags of tortillas you can buy, I was really impressed by these. There are lots in the pack and I thought they were good value for money. I would describe them as salty, rather than 'lightly salted' but for the price, these are amazing value. Going forward these will be my go to for nachos and dips. Good job Asda."

  • TASTE: 7/10
  • VALUE: 10/10

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Aldi Snackrite Tortilla Chips Lightly Salted (200g)

  • 85p
  • 42.5p per 100g
Aldi's tortilla chips impressed Lynsey when she munched on themCredit: Gary Stone

Lynsey says: "Another impressive budget brand, I enjoyed tucking into these. They have a nice salty smell as you open the bag and are crisp enough. They feel quite heavy duty compared to many other own brands and I found them to hold up if you loaded on a bit too much dip. Yummy."

  • TASTE: 9/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Lidl Snaktastic Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips (200g)

  • 79p
  • 39.5p per 100g

Lynsey says: "These were quite thin and snapped with even a little too much guacamole on top. I found them quite messy to eat and they flaked away a bit too much in the mouth. The saltiness was good and they are a great price, beaten only by the Asda Essentials tortilla chips."

  • TASTE: 4/10
  • VALUE: 5/10

Tesco Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips (200g)

  • £1
  • 50p per 100g

Lynsey says: "Very salty tortilla chips and perhaps a bit greasy. They are also very thin and not as thick as you'd expect a tortilla to be, which made them difficult to load up. Still double the price of the Asda own brand ones so I'm not sure you're getting a bargain here."

  • TASTE: 5/10
  • VALUE: 4/10

Essential Waitrose Salted Tortilla Chips (200g)

  • £1.00
  • 50p per 100g

Lynsey says: "Great quality tortilla chips from Waitrose. They are more expensive than some of the budget supermarkets but definitely worth a few extra pennies and they are still less than half the price of a bag of Dorito's. Not too salty and a lovely corn flavour. I plan to stock up on these. Great on their own or loaded with dips. My favourite."

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 10/10
  • OVERALL SCORE: 10/10

Doritos Tangy Cheese Flavour Corn Chips (180g)

  • £2
  • £1.11 per 100g

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Lynsey says: "If you take away the dips, cheese and all the things that make nachos, these are probably the best tasting standalone tortilla chips. However, they are more than four times the price of the Asda tortilla chips and if you're loading them with cheese, dips and jalapenos, it's really not worth spending this much on a bag of crisps. Very moreish though, and delicious – just pricey."

  • TASTE: 10/10
  • VALUE: 5/10

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