I feel like a single father at 24 but the children aren’t even mine – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I FEEL like a single father but the children aren’t even mine.

I’ve been married for three years. When we met my wife had three children and I’ve taken them on as my own.

She is 39 and I am 24. Maybe it’s the age gap but we have different attitudes about how to raise them.

They are 11, eight and six. I try to do something with them after work if I can, like take them swimming, while she will go to sleep on the sofa and park them in front of the TV or on tablets. They are already lacking social skills.

She moans that I work long hours so I’m not always home in the evenings but I have to pay all the bills as she lost her job 18 months ago.

I’m doing the housework too as she lets the house become a pigsty. I’m thinking of leaving. I’ve tried to talk about it but she shuts me off.

DEIDRE SAYS: What a sad situation for her children. Your wife sounds depressed. Tell her you are struggling and insist she sees her GP.

She can find support to get into a better routine through Home-Start (home-start.org.uk, 0800 068 6368). Hang in there for the sake of the kids. You’re their saviour in this crisis.

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