How to cut down the costs of being a bridesmaid

Being part of a bridal party can be expensive – especially if you’re a bridesmaid who’s been asked to cover their own expenses.

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid but you’re worried about the actual costs of being one, don’t panic, because we’ve asked a couple of experts to tell us how you can keep the costs down – as long as the couple getting married are accommodating and understanding, of course.

Simon and Julie Daukes from Ash Barton Estate, have offered their top tips to cutting down the costs for the bridal party.

First up, they mention travel. The cost of getting to the wedding venue can add up to a huge amount of money if going individually, so Simon and Julie recommend hiring out a coach to save some money. Or, if the wedding is more accessible, you could group together on a train with a group ticket, and have a small pre-party on the train carriage.

Many airlines also offer group discounts for more than ten people, so if you have a larger bridesmaid party and the wedding is abroad, make sure to research the best offers and take full advantage of the discounts.

If you’re wanting to save money as a bridal party, it’s important that you work together as a group.

Simon and Julie say: ‘Suggest that your bridesmaids get together as a group and DIY wedding favours to personalize the event and make it more cost-effective.

‘Instead of eating out, consider a tapas style evening where each bridesmaid brings a dish to your home before you all head out.

‘Whilst this does take some organization and preparation from them, the money saved will be worth it!’

You know what else can be expensive but what we rarely think about when adding up the wedding costs? Hotels.

Instead of booking your own room, book an open suite. A suite in a hotel has connected rooms under one room number and usually has more space than the standard hotel room.

Other features can sometimes include sofa beds and shared living areas, so you can have more than one bridesmaid comfortable in one room. This could save hundreds of pounds.

Moving onto gifting: You want to give an amazing gift but after everything else, you just don’t quite have the money.

Again, you could make it a group effort – get together with the rest of the bridal party and chip in to get a bigger and better gift.

Sure, the bride will only get one gift but it might just be better than a load of cheaper gifts.

And finally, getting ready for the big day. This is where the group talents can really come in handy.

Simon and Julie say: ‘If you are not paying for your bridesmaid’s professional hair and makeup, ask if they can swap and
share their talents amongst them.

‘Perhaps there is a bridesmaid that is particularly talented in makeup who can offer to do the groups’ makeup? A pre-wedding practice party could be a nice way to get your bridesmaids to bond if they don’t know each other well.

‘This would be a good opportunity for them to practice hair and makeup on each other, so you nor they have to splash on unnecessary expenses.’

Of course, if there are things you really can’t afford in the wedding, it’s important to be open and honest with the bride about what you can afford and what you can’t.

If they’re a good friend, they will be understanding and accommodating.

If they won’t see past it, it might be time to make a decision as to whether you feel you should really remain in the bridal party.

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